Sunday, February 13, 2011

ship love

Well it happens, here's my story. Lol

Its def a different ship-life experience when you are in a relationship on board. Specifically ones that start on the ship.

I'm not talking fuck buddies, or the many flings. I'm talking full on in love with someone. This contract there were quite a few serious relationships that I saw. But once person A left the ship. Perspn B still on board found person C reeeeeeally quick.

I can say that that is not what me and joe were. We didn't want the whole end of the contract comes around and we just say hey let's go our separate ways. The end of the contract didn't mean it was the end of us. We are serious. Ppl on board always saw us together everywhere. Almost weekly we had ppl asking when we were going to get married. Lol

It was all a fluke how we started out. I noticed him right away onboard. He worked in my section. So I ended up seeing him often. He'd just stare at me never say anything. It totally bugged me. He never said hi. And I say hi to everyone. Lol. I saw him around in the crew bar. I noticed him dancing. He's intense when he gets going. Lol than I saw him dj. I think seeing all these things intrigued me. It just showed how he was interested in other things besides working and money.

Than one formal night when I was working in the gallery he was there hanging around. Again I caught him staring. So, at this point I was like okay this dudes continues to just stare and never ever says hi. What's his deal? So, I waved to him and said hi. Than he was shocked. Lol I said "yes, you, I can see you" lol I told him he never says hi to me. So, than he came over said hi how are you and kissed my hand. Lol super cute. That's how we started talking. Hanging out with him became an addiction.

When I first came on board I def was not boy crazy like I was my last contract. Lol I def was not looking for anything with anyone. I was pretty focused on work.

We just progressed into something that thus far in my life has been unmatched. He's amazing. We have so much fun together. He's just my everything. Lol. It sucks that I won't be able to see him for awhile. Luckily I'll see him in India in a few weeks!

It gets harder since we left the ship him being from India, and me from the states. But we are linked. :-) we left this ship the same day :-) and we are scheduled to join the next ship together if we do join again.


I hate the actual leaving of the ship. You have 800 things you have to get done in a 24 hour period on top of packing. I hate the luggage stuff-(company losing your shitand trying to find it), immigration, airport check-ins, oh and I won't forget the obscene about I have to pay to check two bags. I hate the whole process of the airports. Inspections, the cloth bomb test bs, and the worst...the waiting for your flight.

The process started off blah. Immigration at 530am. Than we started to leave the ship, and I didn't get to say bye to joe yet. I was first and he ended up being last in line for customs. They physically pulled me out of the line to go first. The one time I wanted to wait in line(because of joe) is the time they take americans first. Just when I grabbed my stuff to get in line to get off the ship to leave for the airport he just got back on the ship. I got my goodbye hugs and kisses. :-)

Once off the ship you gotta search for your luggage...mine always gets lost. Oi. So my one bag was right where is supposed to be, but the other one was at the other end of the terminal. My annoyance began at 730am for the day.

My flight is at 340pm. Any flight before 4pm -princess(at least the caribbean princess) has you off the ship and off to the airport at like 730am. I have a Huge wait time. Boooooooo!

I was hoping the bus ride to the airport was gonna be long...ten minutes. Booooo.

I paid $30 for each bag. My one bag was over weight, and they tried to make me pay $50 extra. Than one dude was like oh its actually $100 extra. Needless to say I found my way out of that. I basically said I'm not paying it. Not after I paid for $60 for two bags. They eventually gave in.

Security here moved like molasses. They did the lovely x-ray scan...which I just don't get. And than the bomb test stuff.

Than I was off to my lovely, long, painful wait to board my first flight.

Thankfully I don't have to go to far to get home. The crew who have full on full day flight connecting two three times, I don't know how they put up with it. Lol

Almost home!