Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Repo cruise??

This cruise has been my turnaround cruise. It's almost over, but I think the attitude towards things might last. It took me a month to get into a groove on this ship.

I'm back to having my positive attitude. I know most people are probably thinking "wait a minute, her posts have been preaching how happy she was." Well, yes, my posts haven't been I hate life, no, but I've been content. Content to me isn't good enough. Even keel is not what I strive for. I've been content up until this cruise. This cruise I became happy again! I'm more positive. I've come to express me-the real Amber, finally!!

I'm having fun now, with the team too! I worked a ton this cruise, but two nights ago the whole photo team(well most of us) got together and we all danced, laughed and had a good time with each other!

I think what turned things around for me was my one post. Where I mentioned how content I was with just being this quiet lay low person.. It made realize...Amber never is just 'okay' with things. Amber, you normally are friendly, loud, and anything but conservative. I'm not that quiet lay low type person.

Another thing that's added to all of this is people who I can relate to having social issues. There are some peeps on the team that are still figuring out who they are. They are struggling with connecting with people. I understand how that feels. I went through that too!! But having them around, and I can see it clear as day; reminds me what that was like, and I refuse to go back to it.

If you are having trouble connecting with people, and can't hold a conversation when your sitting with two workers at any given time...just giving up isn't gonna help.

This is what went down: three co-workers were waiting for the rest of them team, and they sat there in silence. It was described to me as awkward. So, one just got up and left. Yeah that can happen sometimes. Social situations can be tough on certain people. I mean I get socially awkward. Most ppl don't think so, but I still see myself as that uber quiet girl just sitting there, while the party goes on around me. sometimes. I get nervous sometimes ya know. But I didn't want to be like that anymore. I made the effort to get through it tho. It sucked. Not gonna lie. Its hard. Improving, growing, and changing. It takes time, and dedication.

I just hate how this person complains, or hates what's happening, but refuses to put effort toward making changes to feel better, and make better relationships. For example, at the disco, photo team got together. We were all just chilling checking things out. We were all standing. This person wanted to sit. I didn't want to, no one else did either. So, immediately this person isolates themselves by sitting down. Refused to hang out with us. I look over not 5 minutes later and they're gone. Come on dude. Later on, I was talking with this person, and of course the complaining came. I just said, "You gave it 5 minutes. You didn't even give the disco, or the team a chance. You just left. You didn't even try to hang out with us." Needless to say they weren't to happy with me. Sorry, I know what its like going through that, and if you don't want to make the effort I'm not going to feel sorry for you. Especially after I invite you out all the time as well.

I guess every person is different. And social issues are a big thing if someone has these problems. I'm aware it can be tougher for some than others. Effort is a big thing to me. If you don't even try, (now this is only when a person complains, and wants to change, and just isn't happy) it really frustrates me, and annoys me. If you won't even help your self don't expect me too.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Amber got in trouble....oooooooooh!

So, yeah....I did. I thought I was on a good streak and doing good with everything


I think no matter what they'll find something to pick at you about. But okay to give you guys the low down.

The 1st purser choose to pick at me. Usually they always have it out for the videographers. Me and stephen always had issues, and so did marek on the last ship. Idk why they pick on us. Anyways... I need to buy new black pants. I knew this. Washers fading my stuff hard. But I guess the style I have looks too much like jeans.

I also got in trouble for wearing my sunglasses on the ship. On top of my head that is. I wear them while I'm on tour, and I end up running around a bit once back on the ship. So I just forget about them, and leave them on my head.

The last thing reeeeeeally bothers me. I got in trouble for not saying hi quick enough to this woman. I'm walking down the M1 in my own world. Most of the time I'm zoning out. But she passed by, I didn't realize anyone was coming my way, but she got in my face to say hi. And I was like startled, laughed and said "oh hey how's it going?" I guess that wasn't good enough.

Those stupid small things. Whatever tho. not huge things. Hell my senior got in trouble for chewing on a mint while at a shoot.

My last senior got like almost a written warning about his hair not being short enough.

Princess can get ridiculous. Hey I guess its there job to get that picky. You let the small things go it usually leads to bigger things...I guess.

So, I ain't mad. Its quite humorous tho.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

St. Andrews

Today I woke up mad early. I feel like getting up to workout is a good habit...I did think twice about sleeping another two hours tho. Lol I only workout in the morning on the days I know itd be hard to find time later in the day to do it. I guess I'm getting more discipline..??? Lol

I loved how when I came from breakfast after working out I saw Morne and he asked me where I was coming from. I hesitated cause I didn't know he worked out and I was distracted by my thought process. He laughed at me when I said I came from the mess. " Yeah right, walk of shame." Lol I laughed, cause I was standing there in my workout clothes. But hell that doesn't mean anything on ships. Lol

The tour started off slow only cause I was a bit tired still even after working out. There was a long bus ride out to St. Andrews. Yeah I had a bit of a nap. Lol

The town ... Well I thought at first what the big deal. But than I woke up. Lol there is this very clean, small town feeling. Very friendly vibe. There is a lot of space. Big sidewalks, streets, even space between houses is fairly large. Oh course you have the historic aspect of the town as well.

I have to say shooting this tour was very easy. They gave me full access to everything. Even the tour guide helped me out. He talked to the manager of the hotel we visited and had lunch at.

I mean the audio...the two ppl who were my main voice over spoke really well. I had enough time to get any shots I wanted they gave me full access to anything I wanted. I also got to walk around freely around the small little town. We got an hour of free time after the hotel portion.

The views were really moody, and so pleasing to the eye. The bay had such a glow to it. It was a cloudy day, but it worked well with the scenery. I think if it were a bright sunny day I would have looked at it as any other place. This was also the first place where the leaves are starting to turn too! I feel at home when I feel a colder breeze and I see the colors of fall!

The Fairmount inn. This hotel is massive! Been around a long time. The original caught fire, it was rebuilt in 1915....I think that's the right year. They had this cute friendly dog, retriever, that works there. Yes, WORKS there. Lol they have ghosts at this hotel as well. Many guest report sightings. The hotel has been on A&E for it. When the manager was telling the story I got chills. Stuff like that I love, but it always freaks me out. Lol.

It was a good tour! :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bar Harbor- best lobster in the world??

This Bar Harbor I did the grand tour with lobster!

Ya see I have to say first...I was really excited for all my tours this week, cause I picked them myself. I set myself up for a lot of work. I don't mind, that's for sure. Doing/shooting the tour is great, but the editing and the amount of time it takes is a bit too much, plus with all this extra shooting, it just piled up. My senior asked me if I was okay with doing my tour today. Yes, shooting the tour is never the problem. Lol I wasn't gonna miss these tours!

Needless to say I'm always excited to go on tours.

The grand tour ended up being a tour of Acadia National Park, with Maine lobster for lunch. Caught that morning I might add. I don't think you can get any fresher than that. Lol

I seen some spots I haven't seen yet. Everything is just so pretty. I knew it involved Cadillac mountain again, which I looked forward to. I really like the view from there.

Lunch was quite interesting. It was supposed to be at noon, but lobster didn't arrive at the restaurant yet. So, they had to rearrange some things, and we did lunch was like two and half hours later. Some ppl on other buses were pissed, ppl on my bus were pretty cool with everything. Me, I'm just always happy to go along for the ride of everything. I'm never pissed. Unless I get a difficult tour guide. Specifically the ones intimidated by cameras. They tend to be a bit more abrasive toward me. Which I understand. Some ppl just get nervous, and that's their defense.

So, I had lobster. It was fun to watch everyone try to crack them open and eat the meat. I mean there's this whole- two pound lobster on your plate and you kinda feel like...where do I begin. Lol me I thought it was too cool looking to tear a part. Lol. However, I did indeed proceed to due so.

I won't lie its the best I've ever eaten.

They also gave you all this other food with it. Too much for me. They had blueberry pie for everyone as well. Now, the blueberries in Maine are the best low-growing blueberries. I had a blueberry muffin three weeks ago at this cafe OMG seriously best ever! - never wanted to eat blueberry pie. Everytime I tried the tiniest bit I never liked it. I avoid blueberry pie. But knowing how good the blueberry muffin was I def wanted to try the pie. And of course it was delicious too. I couldn't eat all of that either. Lol

The passengers were really nice, and the tour guide as well. I got some cool shots. My edit was very simple, that helped my work load. I finished Boston edit, took two hours longer than expected. Set me back a bit.

It ended up being another night of editing, bed, get up early to workout before my next tour.

So, yes, the lobster here lives up its title. Lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy-Busy-Busy, after Boston, and Salem.

This cruise is only half over, things are great.

Its been busy, but fun.

I started off with sailaway, and that was just the thing I needed to get me in the right mood. :-) I didn't have to edit sailaway, but I got some good shots.

I dread Newport, cause its first formal night which means champagne waterfall. Oy! my least favorite. But it went well. Wasn't as unbearable as usual. Lol I guess it helped I had Morne to entertain me for a bit while he was talking photos. The edit was good, got done with that faster than usual too.

Lately I've not been going out, I've been giving my body some proper sleep. I guess I'm reading to many fitness and running magazines. Lol. Ugh last night though it was really rough, the ship was banging too much and rocking too much. Not idea sleeping conditions. Boooo!

Boston was awesome, but I knew itd be a very long day, so I made sure I had sleep to wake early for a morning workout beforehand. **btw my hip is doing well. Not 100% just yet, but I'd say another week of biking before getting back into running** Day went great. My tour was to Marblehead, and Salem.

Marblehead is the yacht capital of the US. Really pretty. They have this cool light house there. All the property are these huge mansions. The view really is just gorgeous. I got a really awesome timelapse, but the damn tour guide like 70% through the shot put his hand in the corner of my shot. I still got a good amount to work with.

Salem was great of course. I love all the houses, the whole village and town has such character. I love how everything has such history to it. Its funny, the tour guide was telling us how the city doesn't like to be recognized as the witch city, but like almost every local business is witch something, or other. We did the witch museum. I've done that before, but I still enjoyed it. I sneaked a bit of recording of the show. It might help our sales who knows.

The tour was great, but long. The tour guide was this really old dude with the highest pitched voice I've ever heard from someone that age. Lol than this passenger threw a fit because the guide would tell these historic stories. Which I never mind, I enjoy it. But he was doing it while the bus was parked, and we were just sitting there while he was talking. This couple was pissed that they didn't have more time off the bus, which, hey I can totally understand. As soon as they complained he stopped and we got off. Lol which helped me out cause I need shots off the bus. The guide was always rushing us, but we always ended up waiting around on the bus not going anywhere. Still I didn't have a major problem with anything.

When I got back to the ship, I had an hour to capture! Oy! Than I had to help shoot the artist, Michael Godard's presentation. So, I fit of editing after that. Than I had to shoot 50's night. I got another hour of editing done after that. Than it was 1130 and I called it quits and went to bed. Early tour today as well.

I didn't finish the Boston edit. I just captured 50's. So, today I'm on a long tour, I'm not shooting a crazy amount, just so editing goes a bit easier. its always sound that sets me back. There are a lot of sound bites for Boston, so the sound edit takes another hour. I'm not doing that with this tour I'm on now. I still have to find time to workout and eat. Oy! I have an early, and long tour tomorrow as well. By tonight I should be caught up. Thatd be ideal before my next tour. But tomorrow for sure I will be. By halifax I'll be bored. Its usually all at once. Lol

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the first workout, and Amber being Amber

I worked out yesterday, and it went great actually. I was so happy to get back into it. I not running for two weeks though. I'm scared to run. I think once I'm not afraid to even think about I'll have a small jog to start out. I was planning on running a half-marathon, but now I'm rethinking it. Yeah scardy-cat basically. I think starting out with a 10k is a bit more comforting. I'm not as scared with that. So we'll see how this goes. For now the bike is my best friend.

Right after I was done writing my last blog, I think I reached my point of ... I don't know what word to sum it up with. I'm usually content and I have been. Leavers night there was a disco. I didn't wanna really go, but my friend was leaving, so you know I'm gonna see him off. I had free time that night but I decided to just chill. I was supposed to go this crew talent show, but one person pissed me off and I couldn't be bothered supporting this person to be quiyte honest. Yeah word of advice if you can't handle other ppl's opinion don't converse with anyone...ever. I'm sorry but this really annoyed the hell out of me. I will not sit there and have someone speak for me or have anyone lump me into a group. I'm sorry I know ...and knew years ago what I wanted to do with my life. I know ppl find comfort with identifying their own dilemias with others, but don't assume everyone around had your dilemia. Just because I'm in your age group don't mean shit. I'm rare, not many ppl know what they wanna do or achieve. I'm sorry I do. Needless to say I said my two bits and of course it wasn't welcome. Oh well I'm still gonna be Amber, like it or not.

Well later that night I ended up napping and headed up to hangout at the crew bar, and I really couldn't be bothered. I'm not into the scene. Its more annoying for me now. I'm bored with it, and bored with some of these ppl.

Its a good thing I'm happy when I'm working.

Everything in my last blog is true, I'm content with most stuff here, idk lack of a good connection with a few gets me bored on the social realm. Maybe me being this content even keel person isn't me. Its nornally not how I am. I'm usually very outgoing, loud, laughing, and all about everywhere with a lot of ppl. Idk why I can't be bothered with anyone. When I spoke up about the situation above that Amber being Amber. And that was the first time that happened on here. I guess I'm being quiet reserved Amber for now.

Although, last night I ended up having a girls night with my roommate. Unplanned. we bother ended up doing our nails and having a chat about all of this. Its good we can have conversations like that. Some ppl can't handle deep or complex conversation I gathered from the ppl on this ship.

I think if a conversation makes you uncomfortable than I think you should engage even more so. Not just say 'I don't want to talk about this anymore' I hate when ppl do that. I hate how ppl coware from confrontation. If you are that jugdemental, and that opininated hell might as well have some balls to go with it.

Ok.... I think I'm done now with that subject. Lol

In other news... I got all three tours I wanted! Happy!!
I just need to make sure to to shoot too too much. Lol

Oy! Champagne waterfall tonight :-( my most hated event. This is the only event that really makes me hate work. Everything else totally happy. Champagne waterfall is just a extremely tedious edit, and the event is just so boring. I hope there are some lively passengers.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress-finishing my first month.

Tomorrow is turnaround day...(old peeps come on) I will finishing my first month thus far.

When I first came on it felt like one day was like freaking three days. My time was a bit warped. Time was reallllllly slow. It doesnt feel like that any more.

This past cruise was too easy for me. I told my senior to put me on tour. I'd rather be on tour than not. yeah I'm giving myself more work, but I'll be able to get more photos, and footage for demo and my biz. Plus I wont be bored, and I get to see the city we port in at a more in depth level.

I am trying to get this Salem, MASS. tour for next Boston. I hope i get it!!! I love Salem. Its 7 and a half hours, alll day when we are in port, but some is spent driving out there. You see a ton though! I really want this tour so I think I should be finding out soon.

This week I didnt have many tours, but they were good ones.

Newport- I did the Belcourt castle. Even though I couldnt get any footage I still enjoyed being there. I love history. This house was amazing though. The guy who owns it now collects all of these antiques. In Newport its pretty much like mansions on every corner. And thats not an exaggeration. Its really cool to see. but the maintenance is really high on those houses because of the weather 80% of the year. so they knock them down. this guy gets things from the mansions and refurbishes/rebuilds certain pieces. I saw some wood work that was amazing. dating back centuries. It blew my mind. The tour guide than tells us how he got these marble pillars from another mansion being destroyed, and these pillars date back to 2nd century. I don't believe it, but I was like whoa dude. lol that's pretty sweet...if it in fact true. I guess they did the test to find out the time period it came from.

Halifax-I went to another city not too far from port. Like and hour and a half away. We went to a town call lunenburg. really cool looking city, really nice, unique old building there. We got two hours free in Lunenburg, than we made our way to Mahune Bay. really pretty small town. I saw this market where they stored the pumpkins on the roof. lol. Yes, I took a pic. We got an hour free time in Mahune Bay. The tour guide was really nice. I liked this tour cause there was a lot of history told. You got a bit of touring around the city, but than you got to just do what you wanted. I got to get all the shots I wanted, and was able to do it freely, and at my own slow pace. It was a pretty ideal case scenario for me and my camerawork. I shot like an hour of footage...the only draw back to having all this time....I shoot too much and have to edit a bit. I spent most my time getting sound bites from the tour guide though.

I also took a lot of pics. I am trying to figure out my niche in my style of photography. But I am gonna try out seaming together landscapes to try the panoramic views. so all these places are my test shots really. they have a program to seam pics together, but I want to do it by hand first. Who knows how that will go.

Injury update, My leg is better, I feel tiny bits of pain now and than, but its a reminder I need to keep stretching. I am gonna start back up in the gym again today. lets see how thats goes.

yeah this contract is definitely panning out to be a different experience. I dont like drinking anymore. I dont like discos, the more ppl that are chilling out in the crew bar the less I feel like being up there. I prefer when just a few of us go up there to chill. I play video games now. It's usually the four of us. I play cards more too. I draw, and read way more than my last contract. I am usually always found to be hanging with photogs of some sort. My last contract I hung with so many different people from different departments, and countries, not so much this time. I just get a different vibe. I guess I am not that restless, curious, or anxious to meet different ppl from different backgrounds like I was for so long. Before the more ppl I knew the better I felt. This time around I'm just like "ehh, whatever" for the most part. I think I am done trying to be ppl's friends. I dont need as much validation as I use to, maybe. I get along better with the team, but I guess getting along with the ppl I work with is more a priority than just random ppl on the ship. Dont get me wrong, I def have a few ppl I talk to outside my department, but I guess I dont need the social attention I use to need. I am happy and content with whats going on. On my last ship I use to have some serious up and downs. Maybe it was me just trying to figure myself out still. I know I have been trying to figure it out for a number of years now. I know who I am more so now than ever. Maybe it was how everything was so new, maybe it was the relationship I was in. I am single and it great cause I havent been since I was about 14 years old. I'm by myself and it def good for me. Boyfriends give you stress. lol.

Its turning out to be a good contract. I feel more myself, and comfortable with that. I feel I'm more responsible as well. I have more major goals to focus on, and I guess that contributes to all of this.

good so far, 1 month down, 5 more to go!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

renewed faith in the medical team on board.

Today was especially good day for me because I can walk.

I will never talk walking for granted. That's for sure!!

Last week after my long distance run I woke up the next day unable to use my leg properly. Its sounds funny to say it like that. I had serious pain, and a serious limp while walking. I was thinking hmmm mits just my bad hip thing like usual. Ice it stretch and it'll get better in a few days.


I went to medical to let them know what was happening that next day. The guy, who I think was the head nurse told me there was nothing they could do for me. But he did suggest deep heat(bengay.) I limped all the way aft to get a bag of ice, along with my deep heat, than trekked all the way forward back to my room. Admittly enough stretching and ice did help. After awhile deep heat started to just irritate my skin. Nothing more. I ran out of ibeprophen. Bought tynlenol, but neither of those helped any with pain, and my walk was ridiculously funny. That's how I got the nickname on the team: Gangsta. My limp looked like a pimp walk. Lol

Through the week it was getting better, until yesterday. I went on a fairly easy tour, no hiking, not too much walking around, I had way worse whith this injury. Just while standing in this cool castle/mansion while this animated tour guide was talking I was in extreme pain. Worried that my next step my hip/muscles would give out and I'd be in even more pain. I didn't have this much pain. So, obviously I was getting worried. Ya know the whole mind set...will they look into this, will they say they can't do anything for me again, will I get disembarked than end up with crazy medical bills back home. Everything was running through my head.

I haven't even mentioned how sleeping had become difficult as well, I felt more pain at rest than while walking around.

So yesterday I went back to the docs. I actually had a doctor this time. She asked me what was happening. She than checked my strength and range of motion. She asked me to lift my leg against her hand while I was lying down, and she go ahead, and o told her I was. Lol she laughed at me. Than she told me to repeat it with the other leg, and I had no problem, so that let her know that I wasn't just weak. She actually laughed at me. Lol.

She showed me 3 key stretches I had to do 3 times a days. I am not allowed to go to the gym for awhile. But only slow walks around every few hours. She also gave me anti-inflammatory drugs. A pretty potent kind, but not too much.

Today I feel a lot better. The stretching is helping a lot. I was able to walk around today with out crazy limp. I was happy to have 90% mobility back!

I guess I am on the road to recovery, which makes me happy. I'm just glad she took the time to look into my issue.

Most ppl on the ships, which I am one of them... Complain about how the doc on board don't give a shit, they just through a bunch of pills, or tell there is nothing they can do. I mean because of what happened the first time I thought these docs don't care unless your have the flu or noro.

All in all this doc let me know they can help with problems other than those two things. Thank goodness I didn't give up totally on medical team.

I hope that was the last time I had to go to them for this.

The return of the four seasons least for a few weeks

With this run ....New England and Canada.... It's weather I haven't seen in a long while. For example the crazy winds, rain, and even a bit of cold. I guess I have been spoiled with me moving to LA a bit than joining the ship where the run was Hawaii. I haven't seen cold weather in almost two years. On my vacation from the ship I enjoyed the Buffalo summer. Fall is upon us. New England has a beautiful fall season and I personally am looking forward to it! I miss wearing hoodies, and jackets. I'd rather have slightly cold weather than the hot tropical ships usually take you into. I find a little chilly is good for me while shooting, it makes it more comfortable, since I'm moving around a lot. I will only enjoy this chilly weather another month than we are headed to the caribbean. Than after that I return to Buffalo for the tail end of winter. Which can be quite brutal. I haven't seen snow in forever. Not even when I was in Alaska. Snow on mountains doesn't count. At least not to me. :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

walkin round lika gangsta

Yeah my title is pretty weird, but its true. I've been walking around with this limp. Morne the asst manager from south africa didn't know I had this hip injury thing and now he just keeps making fun of me and this 'gangsta' walk I have lol

Boston ended alright. Carmen's friend had a ton of food for us. Beer, pie, ice cream, everything thatd you see at a typical American bbq. I actually had a decent conversation with my manager. We didn't click at all at first. Her dating my sup kinda makes things a tiny bit awkward.

After the bbq I had 6 hours before my shoot for the night. I used it wisely. Went to medical ... They don't carry ice packs. They basically told me they can't do anything for me. They gave me Deep Heat. Which help a little bit. But I needed to ice my hip for sure. So I limped my way down the M1 allllll the way aft to get a garbage bag and beg one of the servers for ice. Which luckily I had a nice guy help me out. I iced my hip a awhile and rested. Its best for this type of injury. Shooting that night was def challenging.

Today I went on a whale watch tour. A total joke compared to hawaii and alaska. I didn't get anything good whatsoever. Plus with my inability to maneuver my body quickly I had an extra hard time.

Good news tho I got some awesome coffee and the best homemade bluberry muffin. Bar harbor is known for the best lobster and the best blueberries. So far I can agree with the best blueberries! :-)

Monday, September 6, 2010

photog day out.

We docked in Boston safely. Actually quite nice out too.

The photo manager has a friend in boston that's hosting all of us for a bbq. I think that's really cool.

It'll be good to get out and just hang out with the the ship.

I wish that I was in my bed tho :-(
I did a long run yesterday. My hip is really hurting, and I'm sore, so the combination right now is brutal. It'll be good to walk around a bit though.

Tomorrow I have a tour, so hopefully I have my hip in working order. Lol

I'll be updating you's on how today goes.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

missing my comp :-(

My title is a bit sadder than I really am. I am actually updating my blog through my phone since I have internet through my phone. It saves on wasting money on internet cards for the ships' comps.
Well I do miss my comp, I can't update my blog whenever I want, more importantly I can't edit, and play with my photos. :-(

I haven't updated in awhile. I will try to do so now, but there is a lot to tell. Lol

My tours have been good! Well the little that I do get to do.
Halifax - I did the citadel the week before last.
- have some cool pics. My footage was pretty sweet!
- last week, which was last thrusday we never went to Halifax. We avoided the hurrican and docked in manhattan
Boston- I didn't have a tour last week. And this - don't either. But I guess my manager has a close friend in boston. She's hosting the whole team for a bbq. I think that's pretty cool.
Newport- last week I did the breakers mansion, and cliff walk.
- it was ....okay. The breaker mansion- absolutely breathe taken. The cliff walk really great viwes! But along the cliff walk the group would stop at these mansion....but they had these giant gates and fences, so footage...not so much was taken of that portion.
- this newport which is today I went for my long distance run along the entirity of the cliff walk. I'm trainging for a half marathon. My long run was great to do arounf newport.
Bar Harbor- last week I did the cadillac mountain and schooner adventure. I wasn't too excited, but once I was uo there at the summit...AMAZING. I loved it. The ship was itty bitty. Lol

I have some really sweet pics of all of this! I can't wait to share tham!!

To update on ship life. Well, I have my bad days that's for sure. I get cranky. Its a bit frustrating finding your niche.
I think I am finally comfortable though. - have a new roommate. She's clean! Which is a blessing. Lol
I feel bad for my last roommate cause she got sick and they placed her in isloation for her last day. Really sucky!
I dropped off a few things to her and when I saw her she looked and sounded better than the day prior.

I'm getting along with my senior a bit more. And actually opening up to the team more too. I feel okay now. Lol

The boys....ugh. They are still annoying. My tag line is " don't waste your time I'm a hard target" which does two things. One it makes them think of well I like challenges I'm gonna go for it, which than leads me to the next thing. It gives me the oppurtunity to show them I'm not kidding. Makes them feel pretty stupid, than usually I'm left alone :-)

Its slowly coming together.

Anyone who reads this.... Well who knnows who that is, but my readers have to do me a favor. Since photography is playing a giant part in my life, when I post pics please let me know what you think. Feedback would really help me and the goals I'm going after.
It can be a simple as oh I hang that in my living room. Or yeah that one sucks. Either one I'd begreatful for.

I'm will be getting my comp fixed probably in the next two weeks. So in due time pics will be up.