Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lahaina-Whale watching

I did whale watching once again while in Lahaina, Maui. I have to say that my camera work was 100% better!

But guess what!!!! NO damn whale activity worth going on the whale watch for. Well there was a close encounter, but it didn’t last long. I did capture it though.

I don’t have a still of whale only because it’s so challenging to just sit there and film them, let alone try and get a still AND film them. I told Stephan to get me whale watching again next cruise. Its weird cause the first time I went there was a whale pod doing all kinds of crazy things. My camera work was shit though. Lol.

Right on the shore of Lahaina there is this cool tree. Bayan tree. It’s like the biggest tree. Its cool cause it looks like it has multiple trunks, separate trees, but its all one tree.

sorry about the coastline pic of Lahaina. It was really Voggy out. 

Kaua’I Ziplining

I went Ziplining! It was pretty scary at first, but awesome at the end. I’ll def do that tour again. ☺

There was this amazing view. We did 7 ziplines. The tour guides were such awesome people. I was scared doing it, the hardest part is jumping of this ledge. By the 1st one I was like this is awesome and was relaxed doing it.

I took the camera with me on the zipline, I was nervous with the camera with me for sure. I got some pretty cool shots though.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hilo-Secrets of Puna

This tour was awesome. I really enjoyed it because it had a lot of intense history. We went to this church that had been moved three times to avoid the lava flow of Kilauea Volcano. It has been flowing for over 26 years. It doesn’t stop. The Lava destroyed this town called Kalapana in 1990. I really liked the church. I don’t know why. Good vibe.


We went to Kalapana beach. Where this beach that was previously lined with tons of coconut trees was now covered with lava rock. they are slowing replanting them. It had an awesome black sand beach. It was really cool looking.


We went to this Macadamian Nut farm. Sweet Jesus White Chocolate covered Macadamian Nuts are SOOOOOOOOO good. Lol. It was a really good lunch. I had Hawaiian Coleslaw. I never have liked that stuff, but it was super good. Ribs and Chicken too. It had this guava-glazed stuff on it. It was home cooked. Super num nums!! Lol


Than we went to Lava Tree park, where we stopped for about ten minutes, and Amber got eaten alive by bugs. Lol.


Than we went to a lagoon I’d been to before.


Stephan liked my edit. I did a mini interview. It was a good day. Besides the whole one dude screaming over in pain….I really hope it wasn’t the dude that got everyone sick.


Busy days

Sorry for the delay it’s hard to update on port days. I usually save a blog entry once I am at sea. It’s hard doing anything recreational when doing the tours then editing and trying to get sleep.

I will have photos up for sure! I love my new camera.

My roommate and I get along. We laugh hysterically all the time. Lol. It’s funny. I’m glad things are turning out good with her. Her and my boss is in puppy love. Lol there was this whole drama thing I guess with him staying in my cabin. He’s not allowed anymore because it was affecting my sleep.

I haven’t slept properly in like a week or so up until we got all that stuff about him staying in my cabin business out of the way. I slept great once I had a meeting about all of that, and Stephan and I talked about our personal issues. As well as once I had a meeting with the head of my department. Amber got in huge trouble-one huge mistake and a few other small things. Almost lost my job. Trust me I am turning it around. My first impression isn’t that great let’s just say that. I am doing better.

Things are okay. Photo staff is ehhh…okay. Lol. Oh got my hair cut. Yay. Lol. Finally. I got it done in Honolulu. They did a good job. I wasn’t like freaking out once it was done. Most of the time I am like oh god are they gonna fuck it up. But all is well. they didn’t.

We are almost at red level on the health hazard. ☹ which means passengers are sick and spreading stuff. I had a guy on a tour like crazy sick! I was not about to get in a van with him. I kept my distance. Some guy instantaneously spewed all over a slot machine. When its instant and with no warning its norovirus. You do not want that.

I don’t want to get that!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things have Changed

Well ever since we got the new staff things have definitely changed. The over all vibe everywhere else is different. Better for sure.

I like my roommate. She is chill. Turns out she is having the same issues as me when I first got here. She is a first contract as well. She is getting the whole “ oh you’ll love it now, but in four contracts you wont like it than.” Ugh. So fucking annoying. The one girl who I really do not like latched on to her so quickly!! It’s ridiculous.

I understand the divide on the photo staff now. It’s the mega partiers and the mellow people who feel drinking all the time isn’t necessary. I fall in between. I hang with both groups. The one girl I do not like always seems to say some shit that makes me wanna slap her. Lol. Seriously though she’s the type when someone says something she’s the one that goes well I know it to be this way or another. It’s sooo fucking annoying. She knows I don’t like her. I always piss her off. Like today, a few of us were eating lunch, and she is a complainer. She was complaining about how one of the other photogs didn’t print the shots that were taken at the dining room last night. Something was up with the printers. And She was pissed that he didn’t right away print them when the machine got fixed. So we’re all listening to her complain and she’s like I just don’t get why people don’t do their job… blah blah blah. We’re all honestly sick of the negativity after we just got rid of two people who were super bitchy and complained all the time and were just negative all the time. So I just said, “it’s all over and done with there is no need to keep on with it. Just be happy.” She just shut up, and a look of “I hate Amber” came upon her face than she just gazed on. The rest of us looked at me and had the look like finally someone shut her down. Story of my life-I say what everyone was thinking.

Hilo tomorrow. I am checking out something cool. The tour is called Secrets of Puna. I forget what it entails.

Oh goodness!! The ship since we left LA has been REALLY rocky!! Like seriously bad. To the point where people who have been on ships for years have been scared! I am doing okay. No sea sickness, but passengers are sick all around. The night before last I was getting a lil queasy. Its hard to sleep when its this bad. Its calmed down now though thank goodness. Last night after drinking I couldn’t tell if it was me being a lil drunk or if the ship was super bad. Lol. But turns out when I was talking with Darren this afternoon it was super harsh last night. I worked out last in the passenger gym and that was scary at some points. Lol. The higher up on decks you go the harsher the winds get. Running on a treadmill was out of the question for sure.

New pics will be up soon from the port tomorrow. ☺

Monday, January 18, 2010

Goals-Career path

I am slowly discovery I like shooting actual real life. reality does not count!!! It is not the same by any measure. lol. Narrative isn’t as nearly as fun. I know for sure editing live events is way better than editing narrative. I don’t particularly like editing narrative too much. I kinda hate it really. Shooting it is fun, editing it –boo! Lol.


Each section has its pros, and cons for sure. Narrative has its control factor where you can get what shot you want in your head, and problem solve to get your vision to real life.  Documentary has its unpredictability, where you have to adjust to what’s going on around you. How can I get the best shot with all of this going on? Or how can I challenge myself to get a more creative shot? There is a think on your feet element to it.


I think working for the discovery channel would be pretty sweet. Or even being a camera person for a travel show. That’d be pretty sweet too. Making movies is fun too. But most people in the industry seldom have those moments where they’re like “I love my job!!!!” Its usually, ( and Ive heard this many many times in the industry) “Why do I Fucking do this to myself?” lol. You have to wait around for the moment where you’re like this is why I struggle and put up with 16 hours a day-6 day work weeks. For this moment I got out of the whole month of shooting. You don’t get treated like crap either in this job. There isn’t someone waiting around to make you feel like crap because they do. People are generally happier on this side of entertainment. Lol.


I was mostly a camera assistant, 1st or 2nd. And working in any camera department is pretty sweet. They have the fun job. Being a Set PA, or AD trainee sucks. You’re everyone’s bitch. Lol. You have to pay your dues for a looooong time. There are times when there is always someone waiting in the wings to scream at you even in camera. I feel like the film industry is way more strung out, and tense than it needs to be really. It’ll always be like that though.


Who knows where I’ll end up but I know I will have a kick ass demo reel when I’m done with this chapter in my life. lol

Turn around day

It was turnaround day. We ported in LA. I got to spend time with Craig! It was so great to see him. It was funny I was up all night, and stayed up all day with Craig, did the safety drill, went to shoot sail away, and crashed at 6pm. Took a nap which I thought was gonna be 3 hours, I woke up to Stephan calling me asking how editing was going on sail away. I was like oh um oh no ahhhh!!. Lol he was like “what?!” Lol I was like “oh yeah I was sleeping you were my wake up call I met to wake an hour ago.” I was editing till maybe 130am. I took my sweet time. The longest was finding the right music. WE NEED NEW MUSIC TO USE! ugh.


I am finally finding my niche of friends on board. Claire, a photographer, left, she was pretty cool. She was one of the nice ones. She brought a good vibe everywhere.  He got a new dude from Chile. Met him all of two seconds. Lol.


I finally got a new camera so pics shall continue again on the site. J


I lost my roommate to her husband. Lol. Since Claire left, and two other photogs quit they took the one room and I got a new roommate. She’s from Canada. I met her only briefly cause I was working late tonight. She’s a first contract. I made a point to let her know if she needs anything I will help her out any way I can.


We sold over a hundred dvd’s again this cruise. J Which means the two cruises I have made stuff for have both sold over a hundred. GO TEAM VIDEO. Lol. Small joke with Stephen, and I. lol.


I don’t have to be a pirate tomorrow night, but I have to shoot and edit two things. I edited LA sail away. It was raining, scenic weren’t as beautiful as last cruise. Yes, I shot in the rain like a trooper. It was a decent edit.


With each day I am getting more eager to find out what ship is next for me. :-D


Oh I am thinking of doing a mini doc thing on board with all entertainers. It’s weird. I was telling Stephen this the best way I could try to explain it. Lol. Doing this all the time gets my creative mind going more so than before. I am always thinking of what kind of projects I can do, trailers, documentaries or something like that. I’m always around creative people so it really triggers my creative side as well. Steve said I can draw up a proposal to do an entertainer documentary and he’ll get all the approvals needed for it. J

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Getting tons of hours of sleep. 

nothing to do. Stephan and I are way ahead of our work. Who knew. I only have two gallery hours today. 

Other news I have a casino friend that has the same Birthday as me!! I am happy i can spend it with someone. It actually makes me feel so much better. 

its tough spending christmas, new years, and your birthday on the ship with no family. especially your first contract. 

Alan is my birthday buddy. we are happy that there is that connection between us. Its hard to describe. lol.  


Apparently A lot of people on the photo staff have respect for me. 

hmm. who knew. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It’s the second sea day and my mood is definitely coming down. I’m okay though. I am finally caught up on edits. I finished two just a little while ago. I’m doing Stephen’s 50’s night for him. I don’t want to but I figure what the hell else is there to do. Lol

I had a lot of social interaction today. Usually when I talk to a lot of different people my mood is usually better. I was getting a bit bummed out while editing. I’m getting bored. Seas days are slower for us. That’s why I don’t mind doing 50’s night. 50’s night is usually fun to shoot anyway.

Lately, even being that I still have 4.5 months left on this contract I find myself thinking about what am I gonna do after this job. It totally sucked finding camera work on land. Ugh. I loved working for Vicki, and doing the reality show with Mary and that crew was amazing!! But it can’t pay the bills just quite. I hope this helps me find work when I’m ready to stop working on ships.

Also I had a conversation last night with Claire. She is one of the photogs that is leaving at the end of this cruise. She has done 5 contracts. She lives doing this. But she mentioned how she’ll probably keep doing it seeing she hasn’t found a partner yet. This whole concept just really confuses me. She says she doesn’t do this to look for the one, so does that mean that she’ll leave once she finds a partner? I don’t know I just don’t get it. Lol I never do anything that revolves finding someone, or being with someone. I’ve never been that way. Like when I went to Australia, my boyfriend didn’t like it but I do what I want to do to. I wanted to go to Australia since I could remember I’m not going to miss out on the opportunity cause oh my boyfriend is gonna miss me. Just like moving to LA. Yeah I left my family and boyfriend, but I still have to do what I have to do that makes me happy, and hopefully improve my career. It’s the same with my joining the cruise ship. I did it cause one I needed a job, two because I get to fill my craving for traveling and three cause when will I ever get the opportunity. I’m not gonna go because craig will miss me. He’d think I was stupid. I know he misses me but he knows he’d probably do the same if it were him. I just think making and basing decisions on whether you’re with someone or not isn’t too smart. That’s when you start sliding into the category of “oh I should have done this” or “I could have done that.” NO you were stupid and decided to just do nothing, and continue living that boring life.

People are afraid being alone. I think that’s what it comes down to. Yeah I want a soul mate too, but it if that person doesn’t fit my lifestyle and cant understand why I do what I do than I don’t think I should be with him. Thankfully I am with someone that does understand me, and how I operate. He doesn’t restrict saying I need to stay by his side 24-7. If he started things like that it wouldn’t work out to well. lol.

I did get good news today. My edits and camera work has gotten a lot of compliments. The management has noticed how much I improved in one cruise. Stephen told me today that I showed like 95% improvement with everything. That made me happy. ☺

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Starting to get it-1 month in.

I am still in my good mood. Thankfully. I hung out with my casino peeps last night. It was such a good time. Except for when Robert told me the WOSRT story. I almost cried. The stories I hear from the people I meet on the ship is insane. Long story short…it came up talking about how people label the people they are involved with… He was dating this girl on a ship a few years ago. They got on great. Well she died one random day from a heart attack on the ship while they were in port. He described how close they were and I swear it was the worst story someone could tell. It was intense. You know all ships have a mortuary on board. There are actually people who come on cruise ship to die. To have their last days be great. There are spirits on board as well. I hear stories about that from a few people.  I actually heard someone in my room like a couple weeks ago. And if you were ever in a cabin there is no way to mistake someone in your cabin if they are not there, and no one can just randomly walk in. It’s creepy. 

Stephen, and I are good. I am getting why he is the way he is. All the port days he didn’t do any new edits. Anything new on the DVD I edited. I should be pissed. I should be like what the fuck I’m doing all this work blah blah blah. But I don’t feel that way. I do all this cool stuff I shot and edit a video. I came here to do that, and that’s what I’m doing. He did go on the snorkel tour, but he always does. He didn’t do a tour in Hilo. He just used his old Summit of Meana Kea. He didn’t get any new footage really. He is using my style of shots. I noticed that the other day actually. I’m glad I am influencing him. He didn’t do anything new in Honolulu. We just threw in the general surf video. He didn’t do anything in Kaua’i either. And Lahaina he went snorkeling. NOTHING new. These are different passengers so they wont know the difference. But he is depressed. It’s not him being bitchy. He is like seriously struggling with a thought of what to do with his life. I understand this whole-heartedly.   He wants to work in movies like me, or be a professional camera scuba diver. Doing this on the ship where we have to shot mostly events is killing him. The sea days are killer just because we don’t the cool exciting stuff. The one thing I don’t like shooting is the Captains Welome aboard party. It’s so boring.


It doesn’t help that his two closest friends on the ship are leaving soon. One this cruise the other the next. He’s really worried. Seclusion is on his mind. He said to me “ what am I gonna do read books?” it was a funny conversation, we laughed and that but it’s a serious issue. The joy of the job can only take you so far to be honest.


That’s one thing you have to get used to. People are always coming and going. It sucks cause you get close to people, and they have to leave. When the band Equinox leaves, and Robert leaves after this cruise I have no idea who I’ll be hanging with. I don’t like hanging with the photo team cause they stick with themselves too much. Too much drama. You just gotta deal, bounce back, and make new friends. When they leave new people come to replace them, and you could be even better friends with those people.



He also wants an extension on this vacation time. They are short Videographers so our vacation time is shorter than normal. He wants to go backpacking through Thailand. And he wants more than 5 weeks off.  I totally understand. In order to get an extension you have to go through all this paperwork, and managers, the whole nine yards. The big boss of Videographers has to approve it. It screws up the rotation if you get an extension. He doesn’t know where he is off to next. Couple more weeks he’ll find out. He says he’ll quit if he gets something he has already done. I understand that too. That won’t happen to me yet, but it could in a couple contracts. I don’t think I’d do Hawaii again. I wanna go somewhere cool next contract. I don’t want the Caribbean though. It’s a 7-day run, in the same place for the whole 6 months. Watch me get that run. I’ll find out in two months where I’m going next.


It doesn’t take long to REALLY see the big picture on how things work on board.


I leave the ship May 29th. The ship will be on its Alaska route. I’ll get to be there for two weeks. Which is enough for me J I’ll be flying from Seattle. I’m exciting to visit there.



I have to say that the tour I did today was AMAZING!!! Seriously! I went to the Haleakala Crater. I got such great footage. My edit I think is the best I’ve done as far as a captivating edit goes. I messed around with some music mixed some things up, and it turned out simple and great. I wanted to add some informational things, but I liked it the way it was. I didn’t want to take away from the imagery and the intense feeling it gives a person.

It was 10,000 feet up. It smelled so sweet up there. Fresh. It was awesome. I wish I had a camera!! I will do the tour again to try, and get more footage and of course get good stills.

I am starting to take footage of myself. I wanna start collecting footage to make something out of it. I want some proof I was at these places. Stephen got me shooting Island night. Lol. I was like oh god. But I am happy that he got it. Lol.

I tell you my mood as turned around. Port days make me happy. But we are back to sea days. ☹ I will try to keep my mood up beat, and happy.

One awesome thing I saw today was people crowding around the gallery flat screens to watch MY edit to Island Night!!! I was happy. They were smiling while watching it! ☺ It was cool cause I happen to just get this shot just as I was leaving Deck 15 to go and edit, of this little girl lying down in a huge pile of Streamers that got taken down after being thrown. I thought it was cute, and funny cause I made her give me a wave. I put it at the end of the island night edit and people laugh and think it’s so cute. I’m glad people pick up on what I am trying to convey. ☺ I like watching the passengers watch my work. I don’t mind cause they don’t directly know it’s me. If I were presenting it I’d be hella nervous.

I am getting better with speaking to the big groups of people when I go on tour. I totally got on the Bus mic today! Lol. Hey I have to let people know who I am and what I’m doing there with a big camera. If I don’t people avoid me and think they are getting in my way. If you let them know you’re there for them they don’t tense up as much.

I hate getting the people like me on camera. The people who avoid and don’t know how to function in front of a camera ya know. Its funny cause I joke with these people, it does loosen them up, but its funny cause I am the same way. Lol. I hate being on camera. I am slowly warming up to it though. I am getting better with the photogs always taking my picture. I just do the Amber pose. Lol.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mental status update

Well I am better after being in port for awhile. Seas days are rough cause you’re so isolated. And the photo staff drama makes me wanna beat the hell out of people. We actually got sat down today to be told basically stop acting like children. I’m like what the hell happened now. It’s pretty bad when other departments notice it. I take myself out of the loop to be honest. I want nothing to do with whatever they are doing. Lol. I’m sure they’ve noticed.

Steve and I had our weekly chat and it was good. I like how we just get everything out whatever is on our mind. It keeps us not hating each other. Lol. You can get a bit crazy being this close, and only working with one person.

One thing I brought up…The other night I cleaned the office out cause Stephen was procrastinating hard. So I did it. It was late. I work randomly. It was like 2am and Claire calls here. Now she is like Stephen’s good friend. But she is secretly in love with him. She gets super jealous when she sees him talking to other chicks. Anyway. She called here must have been 5 times in a hour looking for Stephen. Now Stephen has a pager. The only reason I don’t is cause a photog took one home cause their an idiot. Lol Now if he doesn’t answer his pager it usually means he’s busy, or sleeping. If he doesn’t get to you there is a reason. I wanted to be like stop stalking him. I wanted to be a bitch and be like listen if you paged him and he didn’t call you back obviously he doesn’t want to be bothered. Lol. Jesus. I;m not his answering service. It’s how its works though. If I’m not around, and someone needs me they bug Steve, and vice versa.

I have been just sick of the photo staff. I am convinced they don’t know how to approach me. That’s happens to me often. But since I am taking myself of out of the drama ring than I wouldn’t be that close with them anyway.

Honolulu was a good day for me. I needed to get out, get away from editing, and ship life. I saw Avatar. I loved it. I liked it a lot. I was impressed. Once I got back to shoot Island night I was in a way better mood than I have been in a few days.

I am behind on my edits. I have to edit three things. I stayed up late yesterday to get Island night edit out of the way. Country night threw me off. It was supposed to be on a day that I normally don’t have anything to do. It ended up being on a port day which doubled my work in one day. It just so happened this cruise I got to edit Island night in the rotation of thing. So last night I had four things to edit. I have country night and two tours to edit. I have another tour tomorrow. I will do two edits tonight. I might get all three done tonight. I don’t know. Tomorrow is an early day for me.

Port days make me happy. ☺
Doing good, but those seas days come quick!


Well I think it is safe to say that my cold has finally seen the peak and is now subsiding. ☺

I was feeling horrible! Once I spent the day out on ports I started to feel better. Once I got back on the ship I felt like crap again. Spending all day in Honolulu was really good for me. Mentally, and physically.


I got to snorkel today!!! It was fun. It’s super tiring though. Steve wasn’t joking. I mean I am up and about capturing my footage now, but I don’t think I’ll be working out later. lol
It was my first time with the under water camera. Its takes getting used to, it’s a tiny camera, but its gets really good shots. I saw so many fish. No turtles this time. I’ll be going again though.

This island is funny. One side gets like a crazy amount of rain. I was bummed cause coming off the ship it was raining. You go to the other side of the island where we went to snorkel and its super sunny and nice.

Also, wild chickens roam free on this island. No other island in Hawaii has that. All other islands have the mongoose which is a predator of the chicken. Kaua’i doesn’t so the chicken is just everywhere. It’s funny when you see them.

One thing I am noticing doing this Hawaii thing is I’m learning a lot about the culture. I am picking up the language… pronouncing and some words here and there.

I learn random facts abut everything. Hawaiian State tree is the Kakoui Nut tree. I guess kakoui nut oil is very useful. Its good for wrinkles I told. Oh and the most powerful laxative on the planet apparently. Lol.


This time the tour I did was this submarine thing. It takes you like 120 feet under water in the pacific and lets see all this cool shit. Sound exciting?


All the coral down there was man made and placed there. All objects seen, the company that runs the submarine tour put there.

Granted it was cool being on a submarine…all of 40 minutes.

Now to get into camera work. SHITTY. I was on this sub thing before back in Australia, and I wasn’t impressed. I sort of knew it’d turn out this way. I didn’t put this sub thing on my list. At least I think I didn’t. Now we know its not a good tour to go on.
The camera can’t pick up anything. It all looks like blah. And there wasn’t a lot of fish. There wasn’t anything major down there to really work hard to get camera wise.

The only thing I can say was uber cool was seeing a submarine come up from under the water. I couldn’t get it on camera cause my my seas sick mind was like fuck it I’m not fighting a crowd to get the shot.

I told Stephen and I still have to do an edit. We’ll both take a look and see if we want to put it on the DVD.



My tour in Hilo was pretty cool. I wasn’t excited for it, but I don’t know why cause I love this kind of stuff. I went to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens.


I got some really sweet shots. You get an hour and a half to go around this place yourself. Let me just say its just not enough time to a cameraperson. Like every two feet I wanted to get something. Lol. There was a waterfall, this cool pond, Orchid Garden. I LOVED the Orchid Garden. I’ve never seen them grown in a natural place before. The Hawaii Island is called the Orchid Island. You’ll see them growing randomly in places on that island. They have all these amazing trees. At the end of the trail you have a great view of the ocean coastline.


The trail is pretty steep. I knew I was running out of time so I booked it to the ocean view got as many shots as I could in 5 minutes, and like sprinted up this hill with camera tripod and all to make it back in time.  Lol. I picked the wrong day to work out before a tour that’s for sure. Lol


I really liked this tour for sure. I wish I had more time though. So ppl who go out on the big Island stop there. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I spent a lot of time with this band from the Caribbean. They are cool dude. But I tell you the difference in culture is insane. When Tiffany and I (Tiffany is a singer of a different band- from the states as well) start talking about stuff back home they are shocked. It’s the same when they tell us about their home too. We’re shocked it so nice and laid back. They are shocked the states are so mean and strict. Lol.

What else we started talking about is relationships. What happenes is people when they join a ship start looking for a partner. With someone or not. There is always this battle of who is in the wrong.

Is it the girl that hooks up with a dude that has a girl back home? Is it the guy who is messing with someone else while he is deceiving that girl back home? Whoever has the person back home usually has the attitude “oh well I do what I want.”

***NOTE: if you are smart and you wanna play the game, do not mention your back home situation. It makes your game very good and easy if you are going for that. If no one knows then most likely no feelings get hurt. ***

What ends up happening is the person gets involved knowing that this person has someone back home. They know it, and they still plug away. The person knows in the back of their mind that they will NEVER be the priority. Once you leave the ship that usually where it ends(most cases-some ppl stay together cause they weren’t playing a game)

So than you have this battle that goes on in the person’s head. They end up REALLY liking this person. Than the moment hits them and they realize “ I’m not the number one” than they cant deal with it. This is where drama begins.

What I say to that is well you knew what you were getting into. This is your fault. I will say people are persistent though. They tend not to leave you alone if they want you-person back home or not.

I guess from my conversation with the Caribbean guys is that woman over there are extremely loyal to their guys. For example this girl is involved with this Caribbean dude and he has a girl and a kid back home. He’ll answer the phone when his girl back home is calling while in bed with girl from the ship. Crazy….yes! If that were me…well I wouldn’t get involved with someone that had someone back home so it wouldn’t be me lol… but anyways. It came up that they ended up fighting cause this dude is like kicking it to multiples girls on board. Its all a mess. She doesn’t mind f he makes his girl back home a priority but as far as girls on ships she wants to be the only one. Yes I know what your thinking…. Not very…logical. I don’t know. Lol but It came to a head where it was mentioned to him that she should call and tell his girl how wrong he is being. She feels for his girl back home. Weird again I know. If she were to call her and tell her everything that has been going on with the two of them on the ship all that would happen would be she’s call the guy he’d deny it and all would be well. Because that’s who loyal the woman are apparently.

Any American woman reading this is probably like that woman is out of her mind. Lol I mean there is a point where yeah forgive and all that but jesus. You cant always go on hearsay either. So its all very …. Childish. Lol this guy is not growing up yet for sure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real Life and Ship life.

Something That I hear often is how Ship life isn’t real life. From just about every country, area of work, rank, first contract or tenth. This is something that everyone believes. Ship life isn’t the real world.

 I can’t say I disagree. I can’t say I believe it either.

 Whoever you meet on board here is a chance they think about you. Whoever you get involved with friendship, fling, or relationship there is a chance that there are some true feelings there.

Yes, we are isolated. Yes we don’t pay hefty bills. We get to see the world. We also have to work hard. Most of us- Musicians have it easy. Lol. But there is always this thing were it stands that the only reality there is- is what the person has back home.

***Maybe someone can give me an opinion on this one. I’m not really sure about this. I wanna know what people think. This isn’t a thing were ph I don’t live on a ship so I don’t know. But I know most people are familiar with the whole real world thing people give you all your life. Like ya know through high school, and college. ***

I mean there are moments where I kinda of fall into this state of disbelief where I can not believe that I’m doing this. I cant believe I get paid to edit and film happy people and see amazing things….AND THAN THEY BUY MY WORK!!! All of that is like this is unreal. That’s a more positive view I guess. Videographers really have a good gig though not everyone on the ship does.

When you ask people why they do this job its usually to see the world. That’s my answer. Added to that is the whole I get to film and edit it!

There is a distrust that goes along with ship life. YOU DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Everyone thinks someone always just wants to get laid. Which happens. Me personally I look for friends, I like being friends. Once I notice they have a thing for me its like man why do you have to mess this up.?!We were doing good as friends. Lol. Than I have to avoid that person a bit ya know.

This is real though! Life is happening, people are still people. They still feel they still have opinions. It may not be the life you want…which doesn’t make sense because doing what I don’t want is never an option for me. Not everyone is like that. I know that for sure.

Does real life get associated with misery, struggle, and hardship? Is Ship life too easy to be real life?


For all My camera Folks that I've worked with I just wanted to let you know that they are Hiring Videographers!!! 

The company needs them bad. 

they are also hiring Photographers. 

For Videographers you need a half-way decent demo reel. Need to know macs, FCP, DVD pro, Live type. those programs are easy to learn if you don't know already. 

you need a Portfolio if you want to apply for a Photographer. 

Feeling better.

I woke yesterday up to a phone call to my dept Manager saying I have to be at this Intro in 5 minutes. Again my immediate Supervisor Stephen failed to mention it to me. So I went. Got back, and crew rounds were done. I went back to bed. I slept for like 5 more hours. Had some bizarre dreams too. Crazy. That’s when you know your sick when you start having trippy dreams.

 Yesterday night was a formal night. Champagne waterfall. I was not feeling up to doing exciting camera work. No energy really. I felt a ton better when I woke up though. I was going to go to the medical center, but it’s only a cold. Turns out My roommate gave it to me. I didn’t think she was that sick. Enough to give it to others I guess.

Yeah one of the other Photographers might have a stomach thing. They him and his roommate were isolated for 24 hours to be sure it wasn’t the N-Virus. You do not want that.

I keep eating oranges. Last night I was talking to Jenu and Alaska from India…We call each other Alaska cause it’s a joke that started since we met. I don’t know his real name. lol. I felt horrible. It was like 230am and I went to eat an orange and felt better not a half hour later. Lol So eating an orange like every 8 hours is my medicine. Lol.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Its 435am. I can not sleep. I am getting sick. :-(

I have a sore throat and my chest hurts like mad. I ate an actual orange just now. I havent in years. 

its sucks being sick on board. 

I hope I feel better when I wake. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pirate Night

Well I was a pirate and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I’ll have a pic up soon. J I had a lot of happy people that wanted to take a picture with me.

I totally ended the pirate segment too. lol. I'm Actually in the DVD now. :-) Its funny. It was an okay experience. I guess I'd do it again. All in fun. I was dreading it, but it turned out well. Totally went out my comfort zone and it turned out good. 

 On a different note: My boss-Stephen is being a dick to me. Last night after the whole department went out to eat together….awesome dinner. I haven’t eaten yet today… but after we went to the Wardy we were all hanging out. Some ppl stayed some ppl left. I wandered over to Claire, Stephan and Riaan. They were talking about their job and videography. I guess they love what they do but not over and over again. I guess it gets tedious. Me being me was like I love my job no matter what camera work it is I make the best of it, and try to do it better and better no matter if I shot it once or a hundred times. They were like “Oh Amber you don’t understand this is your first contract”. Ok fine. Whatever. Sorry for being enthusiastic about my job. I am done being cheery to assholes who love being miserable. That’s a recurring theme on this ship. It’s aggravating. After I gave up on ppl who hate life I chilled with my musician friends. Now I asked them, “do you love your job, even though you are sometimes playing the same song over and over?” they, very motivated, and enthusiastic answered yes without a beat, or hesitation. Same thing- in my eyes at least. I may have to shoot, or edit the same thing but I still love doing it.

 The other argument was “oh to be challenged is better”. Well yeah of course. I enjoy challenges. I enjoy growing as a person. But if the current situation doesn’t present itself with the challenge you desire make the best of it. Or make a better edit. Take better footage. Find something to make it better.

 I hate the melodramatic people on this ship. It seems to be a recurring thing with the Canadians too.


No offense to anyone. L

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Three weeks in!!

Well It was turn around day today. I went out in San Pedro. Almost missed all aboard. Loll I made it though. Did the weekly drill, then shot Sail-away. Def more efficient with the camera!! Def cutting the fat.


I still haven’t gotten that review Stephen was supposed to give me. One thing I have to mention. Steve and I are def getting along way better. We are establishing a way better, more fun relationship. We joke around a lot more now.  I like that. I hate for it to be serious all the time. I am adapting to him. I mean there are some things I’d like him to be more concrete on but oh well.


I cant believe that last cruise is over. It went super fast. The last 48 hours of the cruise was INSANE. Steve were up till about 630am compressing, editing, and burning dvd’s. I was exhausted. I couldn’t fall asleep for anything. I had to be up by 9am that morning. Yes thats 2.5 hours of sleep. Than I finished putting all the dvd’s together and took them to the gallery.


It’s hard to believe it’s the next cruise. They seem like a funnier bunch than the last cruise. I can’t wait to get back on tours. I am determined to get a good video of whales dammit.


I sent out my first round of postcards a week ago. I am sending a few out in a few days. My next batch are going on in a week. I always send postcards to my niece and Nephew in each batch. I have to. Lol. I like mailing stuff to them. I love getting mail I know they do.


Speaking of Mail!! I got all my mail today. I got a package from Roxanne. THANKS!! Soo much candy. Lol. I had to give some of it away. My roommate’s husband has a wicked sweet tooth too. So I shared a lot with him. Lol. I got A Christmas Card from my family and the letters from my Niece and Nephew. It was GREAT!! I loved getting all that stuff. Thanks for the Christmas Gifts and Cards!! All of it is hanging on my wall. J


My New Years

Well to start off Happy New Year!!!


My New Years was pretty decent. I had to film the countdown and all that but I had fun. The party in the crew bar and with my department was reallllly fun. I was happy. The edit for new years party was SICK!! Stephen got to edit it though. We sold a lot more DVD’s too. Yay for incentives. Lol


I got this cool print of me in my formal wear holding my camera. It has a Happy New Years border on it. I’m sending it to my parents. I am gonna print out a couple more to send to other ppl. It’s a cool photo.


Over all It was a good new years. I talked to Craig J  and I was on the phone wth my sister for New York’s New Years. I was hanging out with brits while they had their new years. Not gonna lie, it was the first new years thing I shot, and I got a lil teary eyed at the end of the count down. I missed Ppl. I missed Craig.


Happy New Years!! I cant believe its 2010!!