Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cruise Ship Diet

There was one thing I totally forgot to mention about being on a ship! 


Well to start off I lost two pounds just being on the ship. Usually the norm is major weight gain. I guess whatever I am doing is doing me good. I feel good all the time. I mean you can really ruin your body, and gain a lot of weight if you don’t watch what you eat.

They have enormous amounts of Sweets, fatty and fried food. I mean you will always find cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, Soda, French fries, pizza, and all that.

What you will also find everyday is fresh fruit, steamed Veggies, Rice (brown sometimes!) A great salad bar, beans salads, and Fish.

There is a gym to use (crew and passenger). Take the stairs when possible. 15 decks-those stairs can do you some good for sure.

I have chosen to make sure to eat the healthy stuff. I avoid Pasta whenever possible. Lol. Everyday I eat as much fresh fruit and veggies as possible. I eat rice every day as well. I wish they had 100% whole grain wheat bread. I avoid anything processed as well.


Stephen was telling me today-- funny cause I picked this topic to write about last night---but he was telling me how he had been trying out this vegan diet for the past 14 days. He cheats sometimes with milk. He’s trying it out. He says he feels great. Energy levels are up there.


I remember when I changed my diet when I moved on my own. I avoid all processed foods when possible. Anything that says ENRICHED avoid like the plague. Seriously. Pasta too. Focus on eating things that are nutrient fill food. The first couple days will be hard because your body craves the salty and sweet foods. Your body continues to want to eat because it’s not getting enough nutrients. I’ve done a lot of research on this stuff. Once your body starts to get the efficient amount of nutrients it needs to function you wont be hungry all the time.


It happened to me. I don’t get sweet cravings anymore. Craig knows how bad they can be for me Lol. Now I don’t NEED them. Its funny I don’t eat because I’m hungry I eat cause I know its time to do so. Lol. It’s like “Okay I need to eat now”. Its not like “oh I’m starving”.

I read that if you are getting to the point where you are seriously hungry than you aren’t eating enough throughout the day.

Eat often. Metabolism goes up.

I mean how I started was doing by it little steps at a time. I cut out white bread, than Pasta. Pasta it seems like it is healthy for you. It’s not unless it’s wholegrain pasta. The little amount you eat gives you too too many carbs than you need. And when you eat pasta you eat a ton cause it doesn’t fill the void. The bad out weighs the good for sure. I than cut out fried foods, and than all processed foods.

My only weakness is seeing a cookie and being like yeah I can go for a cookie. Lol.

Yeah changing your diet is tough, but it’s worth it. I don’t feel fatigue, and like crap all day. Since I changed my diet my anemia is finally not as bad as it use to be. I have dangerously low levels. I’m finally in normal range. Low normal, but way better.


It is possible to be healthy on a ship. You just have to make the right decisions. J



The Progression

One thing I’ve noticed while being here is that the way you think and your mood changes alllll the time. My day started out blah. But I talked to a few of my friends. Felt better.  Was chilling with Steve- my mood got even better. I noticed our relationship is getting to a comfortable point. It good. I think we understand each other better. I want us to get along, and be able to joke, and all that. 

While being miserable and living through the transition of getting to my better mood I was thinking. Ya know the SERIOUS thinking. I came to the conclusion that while I am here it is not worth being miserable over stupid shit. I wanna be happy so fuck it, I’m gonna be happy.  I can’t control anything, but how I look at things. Everyone else can be miserable I don’t have to be.

Like on a serious note, life and all, that why be unhappy? I know there are things that can warrant sadness. But most of the time the sadness enhances the happiness you than achieve after being sad. Right? I’m just done being upset about little things, especially here. Really. I’m on a ship doing awesome shit I am lucky enough for that. 

Gotta make the best of it. It is what you make it.

Oh to update on the editing. I like over shooting. I like having a choice in more shot than fewer. I editing the 50’s night and the survivor thing…I guess it took less time cause I had less to look through less footage, but I’d rather have more to choose from. I’ll get better at all of this. Not overnight of course. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another note on the SEA DAY

Turns out that things with Riaan are not awkward. Good thing. J I am glad we can still work together and him not give me that weird vibe. Lol. But he came to drop off some of the equipment he borrowed. He asked if I was okay. He knew something was up cause I wasn’t my chipper self. I got to talking to him about stuff. Besides the human problems, my only problem with being at sea is I cant do what I want. Like if I want strawberries I cant just go to the store and get them. As crew no one is allowed to eat any berries on board. L Almonds! I miss those! I miss being able to go where I want when I want.  I feel like it jail. Lol. 

Back to Sea days

Well I got to sleep in. Well beside an annoying call I got at 830am. I went to the Wardy last night. It was fun. Minus one tiny part. Ruined my night. Oh well. It’s a new day. ☺

I just shot the survivor thing they have on board. That’s really quick.

Ya know that thing where I was saying how I over shoot. The events I’ve already shot on the cruise before, I don’t over shoot. I wait for the pivotal moments now. Makes sense to me. My footage went down drastically. I’m quickly turning into the whole ok lets just get this done. The events are the exact same every cruise. The cruise staff is very consistent. I have to give it to them cause the last cruise there were way more upbeat people than this cruise. (yes, Peter I can definitely see you doing that job. I think you’d be great as cruise staff)

I haven’t edited the 50’s night yet. I again had not so much footage. Well we’ll see how this minimal shooting will go. I hope I have enough to work with. I am waiting for the Port edits to compress so we can start burning that disc. The events disc is last and rushed because we shoot till like the day before the passengers get off board.

I write in my own personal journal, I just finished the one that I’ve been writing in for a while. I need a new one. I’ll look for one in Ensenada. Maybe I’ll find a cool one. I wanna write in it, but I cant till I get a new book. It’s totally full. ☹

I just have one thing to say to end this post…

It is very hard to stay entertained on board when you’re aggravated with the person you like hanging with.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo Dept Relations

I am getting on better with the group. Turns out they were talking about me. I guess when I first got here me being as quiet as I was made them talk. Oh well. they all tell me they like me now. Lol. My roommate and I are doing great. We talk all the time. I get along with her husband too. Its so weird how everything changed in two weeks.

When I had the big blow out with Steve I knew people were talking that’s why he was pushing me so hard to be crazy social. He definitely was avoiding telling me what most people were saying. He was trying to spare my feelings. I appreciate him trying to help, but like I told him I will go at my own pace. I did, and all is fine now.

Heather, who just came back from a two-week leave, finally met her today. She also works in the photo dept. She’s American, and this is also her first contract. Funny thing she also has a dude in the military. She also has the same mind set as far as relationships go. I got all this from one conversation that last about max of 5 minutes. No idea how old she is. I am relieved-to a point- there is someone that I can relate to. 

Whale Watching

Well I did the whale watch. I got some really great shots. I was dreading the edit. The bobbing of the boat is so frustrating cause all you want is to get a steady great phenomenal shot, and you cant cause the ocean doesn’t want to revolve around you. Lol.

I was trying to think about how I wanted this edit to go. I kinda was looking for excuses not to get to it. But I know Stephan has to get in there and edit as well. So I finished it.

I didn’t want to look at my footage. I was looking into what I could do to make my camera work better on a boat for next time. I was looking into something in FCP-And I found something to balance the bob of the boat. It was the best I could do and find in the constrained time that I had. My edit turned out ok.

There was a lot of Whale action. I got one breaching. It’s the best shot I got. When I did some editing magic it looked even better.

My tan is getting darker J Yay for Hawaii. Now we are on our way back to LA, but first to stop again in Ensenada. Yay! for being able to sleep-in the next couple of days. J

Na Pali Edit.

So I just finished my edit for the Na Pali Expedition. 

WORST one yet. Seriously. I wasn’t into editing this footage at all. It’s so hard to get steady shots on a very bumpy boat ride. Even so, I HAVE to get good shots.

 Getting the damn whales was the hardest for sure. That’s all day tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about that. I’m gonna see what a tripod does for me. Who knows. I got really good shots of dolphins though. J

 I am getting better with shooting. I woke up from my nap and seriously my arms are feeling the extension I just gained with this job. Lol. My arms are gonna be beastly. It is getting easier. I am able to hold better shots way longer than before. I’m working up my Strumfffff! Lol (yes, Phil if you read this that’s for you lol)

On another note, My boss did tell me he is taking notes on my edits, I will get a critique soon. Finally.

 Also with the Island Night edit, He did it. I hate the music he uses it’s so boring. He doesn’t care about editing ship events. He really only cares about the port edits. So he rushes, and makes the event videos uber boring. Good news though He did include the bands this time around. Not my shots of the band, but he did include them. I over shoot. He doesn’t want to waste time going through all my footage. I over shoot because I like to have as many options as possible when I edit. He’ll shot 15 minutes. I’ll shoot 40 minutes on the same event. I definitely try A LOT of different stuff. Over, and over to get each shot better. But apparently he’s perfect, and can get the perfect shot in one try. Obviously that’s Bull shit. I’ve seen his raw footage.

 I guess I hold some resentment towards a person that is going to critique me, and at the same time not like his work. Personal style I guess. He has done this longer than I have. He’s on his third Contract. He went to film school and all that…SO does that mean he’s better? I don’t know. He’s’ done some big time stuff though. I am realizing comparing is not healthy.

 He did say I was talented, but it may have been said to win me over while we were arguing. Lol. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Honolulu Port of call

So yesterday after I did my tour I got to go out in about in Honolulu. Honolulu is our longest port day. We arrive there at 7am, and leave at 11pm. My tour ended at 1230pm. I captured my footage, than went to the mall.

 THE MALL IS INSANELY HUGE!! It was packed too.  Didn’t help that it was the day after Christmas.

They have free shuttles around. Which is awesome. J They have one to Wal-mart. Of course right!! Lol. But the mall is like a block away.

I spent my day shopping. Not by choice. I needed to get White sneakers. And uniform stuff. I had to buy a Hawaiian shirt. They give us one, but since I’m a videographer our uniform is different and we kinda make it what we want just as long as we are following the same idea. People liked my Hawaiian shirt J Of course its black. Black, with White, and red. Not a crazy loud one. Lol.

I wanted to See Avatar, but I wanted to get back and edit before Island night. I did finish my tour edit. J I’ll see in next cruise.

Island night wasn’t as lively as the one I witnessed last cruise. Not a very exciting bunch…well maybe not enough of the passengers came. Equinox (one of the bands on the ship) usually gets the party going quick. Didn’t happen this time. Lol

Tommy, my musician friend, who happens to be in that band-Well band leader…whatever…lol. He was telling me how he thinks his band isn’t in the Video enough or at al for that matter. He says the passengers say they’d like them to be on the dvd. I naturally try, and get everything that is going on at in an event. I want to capture the whole atmosphere. Try and give the clearest picture I can. I always get the band. We have 5 on board. Whatever event I film I make sure to get the band. Mainly for cutaways. But they don’t have to know that. Lol. Seriously though it does add a certain element to the edit. I like to have that kind of stuff in my edits.

I was filming them, like I had told Tommy I would, he was pleasantly surprised to see that I followed through. J I guess a person’s word on board doesn’t mean anything. I heard some stories of the Videographer making promises that they never keep-I’m all about making people happy. They want to be on the dvd I’ll make sure they make the dvd. Hell why not put a happy person on the dvd crew member or not? Whether or not the footage makes the edit it is not my call if I’m not assigned to edit it. I offered to edit that event but I haven’t heard from Stephan yet. I still have to edit my tour from today. 

Hawaii Tours

My first tour was on Christmas day. The waterfall, cave and lagoon trek. That was pretty awesome.(Minus the ruining my camera part) Oh well. I have been thinking about getting a better one anyway.


My second tour yesterday was the Diamond Head Crater. It was a hike. Not a bad one at all. Fairly easy. With camera gear I did pretty sweet. Lol. It’s narrow though going up. Amazing views.  Loads of people there1 It’s crazy the amount of ppl. I thought it was short…maybe only because it was pretty much packed. The place used to be an old military installation,so at the top you had to kinda crawl through this bunker thing. I think that edit was my best yet. Hell I get all amazed watching my own work. Lol. The music and everything just fits!!


Today I did my 3rd tour. It was of the Na Pali coastline. “Na Pali Expedition” I started off great. I was excited. I took two cameras with me. One for regular stuff, scenics, and the people. Than the other one was for the underwater stuff we were SUPPOSED to do. I was kinda bummed out. I really couldn’t wait to use the underwater camera gear. Than dude tells us all that the surf Might be too rough. If that is the case you wont be able to see anything anyway. It’s really unsafe to snorkel in crazy waves anyway. Lol. We got to Going along the coastline and Amazing views!!! We got to see Dolphins. People flipped out and just cry over this stuff. I mean I get excited too. I remember when I saw my first in person wild Dolphin. It was in the harbor of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I was like fucking sweet! Lol


That Experience than came upon me again when I got to see a Humpback Whale for the first time ever. Lol. It was really cool. Getting a shot of this random occurrence was challenge for sure. I haven’t looked at my footage yet. It’s hard to keep track of exactly what you have since the sun is so bright.


Growing up I was poor, and this experience just reminded of me how like I never got to do any of those expensive things that they offer in school. Like the whole whaling watching trip, they offer it to all school. Like, the DC trip, or the Europe trip, My high school didn’t even do a senior class trip(boo to that for sure). My family could never afford those things. But Now I am getting in all those cool things in my life. I can say I didn’t peak in High school. lol. I didn’t see all I could see in my teen years. I’m almost grateful to be unfortunate growing up. I think it benefited me way more than if I had been spoiled or something.



The passengers on the trip were really nice. Actually met this couple from Buffalo. Lol. The bus driver on the way to the harbor was really picking on me. Lol. Fun times though. So the ride was great. Until Amber was like oy I want to go to sleep. What that means is I was getting sea sick-My body just wants to shut down. I can usually keep it together. Yeah there were people that were doing some barfing. I was like wow. Lol. It was a small boat. I don’t know the exact kind though. I was just waiting to get into the water. Than that night turned into a no Go. L So after that it was down hill for me. It was a long boat ride. I never thought I’d wish to be back on the ship and back in my cabin sleeping. I did enjoy it though. I am now getting back to my zen. lol.


Tomorrow I am doing an actual whale watching tour. I hope to god it’s not like the boat I was on today. I don’t want to be in a boat for hours on end. Wish me luck. J





Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

My Christmas was spent in Hilo, Hawaii. (The Big Island).

I had to get up early to do a tour. It was pretty cool. I did a waterfall, cave and lagoon trek. It was pretty cool. I saw a lot of stuff. Learned a lot about Hawaii, Hilo, and the Big Island.

Well its hard being a Videographers on these adventures. Lol. I only say that cause I have to climb and do all this rugged stuff with a camera in my hand. I’m gonna just bust my shit once while doing all this climbing. Lol. I got some amazing shots though. Its totally worth it.

I saw crabs! Not tiny ones either. Lol. I saw like wild bamboo, bananas, and sugar cane. It was so cool. You get to walk through this lagoon, there are fish, and these shrimp like looking things. It was cool. Than you have the view of the Ocean waves crashing on the cool looking smooth round black rocks. These aren’t baby waves either. Lol. Huge waves. When we were going back from swimming in the Lagoon the tide starting to come in…Quickly! It freaked me out for a second. I was like oh jesus I have to get this camera in this waterproof bag in .2 seconds. Lol. Princess gear was unharmed…My personal camera, not so much. Oh well. I want a new one anyway.

The tour was about 4 hours long. I only reserved 4 hours of sleep for myself since I went to the Christmas Party. I was tired when I got back. I had to edit it all though. I captured my footage, showered cause who knows what is in that water. Lol. Than I was gonna get the free shuttle to the shopping center, but they closed before I could. Early closing of course for Christmas. But I soaked up some rays though while off the ship. I thought it was soooooo weird to be sitting in sunny 80-something degree weather on Christmas day.

So, I went back to edit I lasted an hour before my head almost bounced off the keyboard. I napped, woke up cause I have to get my edit done so Stephen can do his as well. He is faster than me though anyway. We both have to be up early, but he’ll still go out drinking after. I’m def not going out tonight. I am exhausted. Lately I’ve only been getting like 5 hours a sleep a night. Not by force, by choice. It’s caught up with me. I’m just choosing to be out, and about getting to know people. Not tonight. I’ll die tomorrow if I did. I have to get up even earlier. And tomorrow is an extremely long day, and night. Tomorrow we port Honolulu, and I have a tour in the Morning, edit than get ready for Island night (Big Ship party.) Than edit that tomorrow night right afterwards.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Happy Holidays everyone!!! ☺


Calling the Family

Finally talked to some of my family. It was good to talk to them. It sucks not being there for Christmas, and the stuff the twins do and all that. I called them from the ship. You can call right from your cabin. Provided that the satellite signal is working, and you have a phone card.  Phone cards are $10. I got like an hour. Also know if you ever get a massively long number calling you it might be me. J

I posted some Pics I took a couple days ago. :-) 


Update on Cruise lifestyle

Well on board you have to be careful whom you hang with for sure. First let me say that if any violence occurs you’re automatically fired. There are a number of girls who just start trouble. If you are hanging with someone that someone else happens to like or want, then be prepared to be stalked, and just bothered. Yes, this happened to me. It is ridiculous.

I stand corrected on the age requirement. In order to work on a Princess Ship an American has to be 21. It’s different for other countries. I’m thinking the drinking age is the trend.

This girl that loves to concern herself with me, and who I hang with is 20. Yeah, so most of you already know what that entails. Little high school crap for the most part. I laugh at it all.

Get money!


Americans get paid differently. I get paid the 15th an 30th of every month. I also get a check. All other citizens from other countries get paid once a month in cash. I was surprised. No one really tells you much until you need to sign for something. I also got my incentives. It’s extra on top of my monthly salary. Videographers get 50 cents per DVD we sell. 


 It’s good to finally know how everything works.


The company makes Americans fill out a W4 form, but they don’t take federal out anyway. I had some requested to be taken out- they did take that.  As mentioned before no state tax is paid either. 

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Late Night with Uncertainty

Last night was a late night like I expected. I got done around 1am. Compressing, and capturing takes so long. Stephen was telling me how to burn this dvd and there was like 12 steps. He went so fast. He goes “ Are you following me?” I was so overwhelmed I just said “no”. I did do it successfully the first time though. I just told him he was going so fast. I mean he’s been doing this for almost two years day in, and day out.  But it was like he got mad at me, but than said “well this was your first time doing it I don’t expect you to know it so well the first day”. But he pushes me a lot for him just saying that. He jut wants me to be good. He tells me he likes the whole being creative and all that, but than I throw some much stuff out there for promotion ideas…he always comes up with something that’s wrong with it…than follows that by saying “well I’m not an expert in marketing.” I know a few things about marketing though.


I made this awesome flyer (I’ll post it) He didn’t like it cause he said it was too busy. Okay fair enough. Too busy for the majority of old people that are on board. Than he says “this next cruise we have a ton of young people onboard for the holiday. I’m like really you just helped my argument. But in the end my flyer isn’t getting printed. He wants something simpler so I made three different ones. He better like one of them.


I’m kinda pissy though. I worked all day yesterday. 12 hours. Never feels like that ever. Editing it never feels like that. Time seriously just flies. We both shot the sail away party. I had 40 minutes and he had 17 minutes. I edited the whole first video. Which is cool cause it’s on the channel. I like it. He doesn’t even check my work. My work could be complete garbage, but its “Amber just burn the daily dub, and hand it in to be shown on the channel” I don’t know, I kinda want some feedback. He only checked my first edit to be sure I knew how to in fact edit and shoot at all.


He always preaches quality and a good product, but the last video I wouldn’t buy. There is a flip side though, most people can see the crappiest Videography, and LOVE it. Maybe I’m too much of a critic. I just want something more than moving images with music underneath. I’m trying to do all these creative edits.


Also while I was working all day yesterday he was in the Wardy. (bar for officers and higher staff onboard) He always says “page me if I need anything.” He never answers them. If he does its like 15 minutes later if at all. Also he’ll talk to me on the phone and tell me “okay meet me in the editing suite in 10 minutes.” Than he wont show up till 30-45 minutes later. Like…Really??


I mean I’m pretty laid back, but jesus.


All of this has left me feeling like… should I say something. Like I don’t know all his responsibilities, but we just delivered the dvd’s the day prior, and his job doesn’t get that hectic till the end of the cruise, on port days. We don’t port till Friday. Normally I’d do the edit, and compress it to an MOV file (if needed), then he’d burn and compress for the daily dub for broadcasting it over the channel on board. But he made me do all of it cause he was getting drunk? I really hope that’s not the case. Earlier in the day he said he’d do it, but as the night rolled on it was Amber fend for yourself. “oh you need to learn this anyway” He’s pushing me to be Senior Videographer my next contract, but Jesus I haven’t been here a full cruise yet let alone a whole contract.


Well I guess once I learn everything I need to know I wont have this torn feeling about everything. I really don’t want it to turn into me doing All the work when he’s just chilling in the Wardy cause he knows I’ll do it, and nothing will go wrong.


Trust me I am aware the Higher the position that less work you do. But it to be so waited on my end to the point he doesn’t have to do anything till the end of the cruise (burning all the dvd’s and compressing everything) besides him doing tours than I’ll say something.


He told me yesterday to say EVERYTHING that’s on my mind, no matter what. If its still bothering me than I will.



(12/20/09 )L.A.-L.A.

We port in Los Angeles today. It’s our turn around day. (Passengers get off….new ones get on.)

I had to do immigration today! Ugh. 6am! Boo. I couldn’t fall asleep for anything last night. My days and all that are really random. I have really late nights followed by nothing than I have a really early morning. No routine whatsoever.


So back to immigration. Since they take your passport you have to wait to get that waiting in Princess theater. There is, I would say, about maybe 100 people all needing immigration clearance. You need clearance every 90 days. Well once you get your passport you have to wait for everyone. Meaning if there is some douche that decided to sleep in late. Yes we have to wait. But you also have to wait for the ship to dock. That’s supposed to be at 7am. We didn’t move till 730am. Than we go to Deck 7 mid-ship to get off, and head to immigration. Now, here is where a bunch of idiots run off the ship to be first in line. Not to sound racist, or whatever, but it was mostly the Philippinos. I’m like “Really? Wow,” when I saw that. I stood in this crazy long line. I could have been in and out, but there was no officer at the US citizens’ only line. BOOO! If you are not a citizen they grill you. I got asked: Citizenship of country, where I was born, and what I did on board… oh, and welcome back, and all that jazz. All max of a minute I would say.


We have a safety drill at 330pm. Then I have to go directly to a meeting, then directly to film the sail-away party. Than edit all this footage, Stephen’s and mine. It will be a long night. L


Than I have to be a fucking Pirate Tomorrow! (Yeah we have a pirate night) I am dreading that! I’m not a photog dammit. I have to be in like hundreds of pictures. Blah.


Oh if anyone is like uber strong at promotions please email me. I have questions. J


(12/20/09) Better Days ☺

I feel better. Writing that blog REALLY helped my mood. I got it all out, and I felt better. Went to workout, showered, ate, went to work in the photo gallery, and I don’t know everything just got better. I even hung out with some photo peeps last night. That dude bugging me situation is cleared now. We talked…. and I didn’t go into it being a major bitch. It worked out. ☺

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My worst day

Sorry that I haven't written in a few days. It's expensive to be on the internet....especially since I am still broke. 

So, it has been about a week since I’ve been on board, and we ported in Ensenada, Mexico. I got my Laminex the other day, and I was hungover as ever. I had to get it at 930am. I hate drinking, and that’s all there is to do socially on this damn ship.

I have not had a good day today. It’s been a week, and I’m homesick?? That the fuck is wrong with you Amber? Ask my parents I never get homesick. It’s hard for me to miss anything. I was talking about Buffalo actually. It probably stems from that. Christmas is 6 days away ☹ I’m too much of a Buffalo Girl I guess. I miss the snow.

I miss my family sooo much. I miss Craig insanely. ☹ My mom sent me pics of my niece and nephews, and I was so excited to get pics of them. They were cute as always.
Ya know I am sooooo sick of people telling me here on this damn ship that I wouldn’t be on here doing a cruise if Craig, and I were meant to be. I DON’T GET IT! I didn’t come here to look for a soul mate!! I’m not here to fucking scope out guys. I already have mine. ☺ I came here for this wonderful job opportunity.

What really is bothering me is how I’m pretty on my own here. I didn’t port because I was tired, I didn’t feel like doing it by myself. I don’t know People that well to be bothering them and being like “hey can I tag along to whatever while we’re in Ensenada?” I keep thinking Christmas and New years is gonna be the same way. ☹ I’ve always had good holidays. This might be my first shitty holiday season.

Also GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT BEING FRIENDS MEANS!!!!!!! I can’t stand it. What part of I’m involved with someone don’t you understand?! It’s the whole being away from him that throws people. They’re thinking “oh well she’s here, and it obviously doesn’t mean much cause she wouldn’t be here if it were that strong of a relationship.” That’s a mindset I can’t wrap my head around. Now I pretty much have to be a bitch to this guy, and say look you don’t get it so stay away from me. I hate how things have to come to that.

I love my job. I get to do camera work, edit, and design flyers. I love it. I honestly love my job. I fucking hate this small town Bullshit. I am so sick of the dirty looks girls give me for no reason. Like seriously I’ve been on board for a week, what did I possibly do to you? I actually made it known to one girl that I wasn’t a little innocent na├»ve girl. I don’t care who you are. You’re not gonna be a bitch for me…especially if it is unwarranted. “Like do we have a problem?” ok, cause I was just checking.

My roommate and I are talking a lil more now. I actually feel a lil more comfortable now. The photo Dept…..Oy…What can I say? Its hard getting in with them. They are the most unwelcoming bunch ever. It’s taking time, but at least there is some progress.

I actually feel a ton better after getting all that out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I feel like a piece of meat…But not really

Well I keep getting told that all these guys will be after me. It’s kind of annoying to hear that all the time. I don’t take compliments well. I get them all the time here. It’s bizarre to me. I guess I’m flattered, but jesus-ya know? I don’t know how to handle it. All I can say is thank you. Guys stare at me all the time. It freaks me out. Like a serious long gaze. Not even eye contact makes them stop either. Bless my mom and dad for that I guess. They gave me these looks. Lol.

Apparently If I were ugly no one would give me the time of day.

Oh, some people will be excited to know that drama has already started. SURPRISE!!! Tommy, my new friend on board is a musician. He’s like the leader of the band. He’s like 25 from St Lucia- a Caribbean island. Pretty mellow, and humble for a musician. Most of them have this attitude like “oh, I’m a musician so I’m awesome” kinda attitude. I guess because He’s black, and a musician all the chicks on board have a thing for him. All the single chicks on board gun for him, and his band-mates. So I met him while getting water after I was done eating like my second night. He randomly came up to me, and asked me who I was Later that night I ran into him again at the crew bar. I guess because he was talking to me, it’s the talk of the ship among the crew staff (entertainers). “oh, I saw you talking to that new girl.” and “oh what are you doing with that new girl?” The funny thing was that we were across the table from each other, and with a group of people. Just talking. All these girls that like him now probably don’t like me only because we were talking to each other.

It’s not my problem girls are jealous of me. I could care less about girls like that. Like seriously grow up girlie. I didn’t do anything, but try and talk to people I work with. I really hate that that happens. The maturity level is amazing. With some it really is amazing, like the conversations you can have can be really great. The company you keep can be phenomenal. There are other people out here that are trying to claim people as their own. Which is beyond me. I don’t know.

Speaking of phenomenal People-I actually met someone here that is an airplane crash survivor. She is a very awesome person. I couldn’t believe her story though. She has a really good heart. She’s going back to being a stewardess after she’s done with her currant contract here on the ship. She told me after the crash she didn’t fly for a year. Then got back on the plane as a passenger. Very strong. I wouldn’t be able to do that. What she lived through is something I can only fear in my head while in the death trap they call your seat. She is a great inspiration to me. She said, “I am scared to fly, but I love flying, and if I was meant to die that way, than I’ll die happy.”

Formal NIght

If you already don’t know, Formal nights happen on ships. Everyone dresses in their best, takes pictures, and have fancy dinners, and all that jazz. Not everyone participates, but the crew has to wear his or her formal uniform. Which includes what I use to wear for the Buffalo Club for some crewmembers. There are two formal nights on a each 14 day run. It’s done on a sea day as well. The uniform varies by sex, and position. Male photogs, and videographers have to wear black dress pants vest, bow tie for photogs and regular ties for video peeps. Women wear black dress pants, heels, or nice shoes, black dress shirt with a black blazer. We definitely get a better deal. Lol. It looks good. I only had to dress in formal wear because one: the editing suite is in a passenger area. Whenever in a passenger area you MUST be in uniform. Formal night means you MUST be in your formal Wear. And two: because I had to take the department picture. All photo staff gets their picture done, and they make a Christmas card, and send it to all other departments. I wasn’t happy when I took my picture so I hope that doesn’t show. I don’t know it was kinda cool to see everyone’s formal uniform.

Brighter days

Well I was getting a little bummed out yesterday. The whole new kid thing. My boss had been bummed out as well. Its like if your boss isn’t happy you feel weird being happy. I don’t know what was wrong with him, but he was better later in the night. Which made me feel better. I don’t know I just want everyone to be happy. It bums me out to see other people bummed out.


My roommate made an attempt to get things smoother with me. I guess when people want sleep they become their worst person. She knew I was pissed at her. We’re okay now. But she is in fact sleeping right now. So, I’m typing this in the editing suite.


I have nothing to do today really. So, really just chilling. Sea days are extremely laid back for us. Port days are the crazy days. Which is fine with me.


Last night I got done editing around like 130am. Went to the crew bar…already closed!! (to get drinks at least)It is a habit going there already cause I wanna socialize with people.  So I saw my friend Robert. He’s from South Africa. I found out he’s leaving the ship Jan 7th. L  He’s a good dude. He’s a really good guy to have on your side too, simply because the crewmembers listen to him. They have a lot of respect for him. The fact that he likes me is inviting to everyone else to talk to me, and all that. He’s the one that stands up to management when everyone else is scared to. He vouches for me, I’m known as one of the smart Americans. Americans have a bad rep all over the world when bunches of people from other countries get together.


This is how it goes: I’m in the area, taking the scene in. People approach me…(I was told because I am pretty-something I get told everyday-it’s weird I don’t know how to handle that really) They ask what my name is, they introduce themselves, and than they look at my name badge, and find out I’m from the states. They give the “oh no” look. But after talking to me for those few minutes they already made up their mind that they like me.  I guess its hard to find Americans that are smart AND nice, that aren’t snotty and think they’re better than everyone else around them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Asking too Much?

I guess its hard to be entertained while living on this ship.  Crewmembers for the most part is working, sleeping, eating, or getting drunk. Now to me that’s a problem. I love sleep with the best of them, but seriously there’s stuff to do. Well at least for me. I guess I’ll see how I am when it’s like 4 months from now and I’m almost done. The same thing gets boring I guess. I can work out. I can edit “commander” which I am doing while on the ship. Taking my time for sure. I keep editing something and re-editing it. I am trying to make it better. I write a lot. I read too. Working on my photography. Most people here bitch, sleep or drink. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the smoking. 80% of the crew smoke. Those ppl are extra bitchy because Princess doesn’t accommodate for them better. For example the whole very small suffocating smoking lounges in the crew area.


I kinda just want People to be happy. I guess that IS too much to ask.


Roommates are annoying.

Well I have to say that I am not happy with my roommate. I don’t really like her at all. She’s from Hungry. She’s married. I can tell she’s not a fan of me either.


So my job sometimes entails me to stay up late. Editing, and what not. Depends on the event, day, and all the jazz. Last night I get back to the cabin. It was like 3am. She was bitching because I was up. “Don’t you ever sleep?” she says. Then she bitches some more a little later. Now, my temper tells me to tell her off. But I didn’t, only because I have to live with this broad till Jan 31st. I wasn’t playing Music, or even watching TV, all I was doing was reading a script, and typing some things. So, okay it was late, okay fine you wanna be a bitch fine. So I wake up, and SHE DIDNT EVEN NEED TO GET UP EARLY. What the hell were you bitching for if you didn’t even need to be up early, or whatever? So, it’s about 1:30pm now. Just got back from eating, and went back to the cabin to kill some time before my shoot at 2:15 AND SHE WAS SLEEPING AGAIN! Se sleeps allllll the time. She’s like the constant napper.


I also have to deal with her fucking husband coming over all the time. Now, with 3 people in a cabin that very small cabin-not working out. It’ll come to ahead where we have it out I know it. She doesn’t seem very happy at all either. Ya know its weird, the vibe I mean. Its too a point where I am not comfortable doing anything in my cabin without thinking she s gonna bitch about something, like even turning on the TV to watch the news. Stupid, simple shit like that. I can only keep my mouth shut for so long. 




First Day of Work

Well Today I recorded an event. It was fun. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Its weird. I feel like I’m not supposed to like being here and doing my job this much.


I got up at like 1pm….had to work at 7pm…just to touch base with my boss. Filmed an event at 10 til 1045- Such a hard day. Lol, Than after I edited my footage. I was finished by 2am. Technically 3am...the time change since we are on our way to Mexico. I know the time change is gonna annoy me we have to keep switching it back and forth.


I was aggravated…as far as work in concerned… Final Cut likes to be a temperamental bitch while capturing footage. I had to keep re-doing it. That’s why it took me 3 hours to edit that one event. I really did the editing in one hour. The capturing took two hours and some change.


Tomorrow is a sea day…which means not too much work. I have one event to film at like 215pm. That’s it.


So there is a lot more free time than I expected. There are some jobs where they are constantly working. I think I do have one of the best jobs.


We are reaching rougher seas as well, still no issues yet. It gets worse though.


Some random facts:

-I’m slowly getting a tan. J No burn yo! Lol.

-The crew cabin toilets break all the time, and often.

-There is an over abundance of rice on board. ( that makes me happy J )

-Some crewmembers (mainly Americans and Canadians) don’t appreciate any food given to the crewmembers. The passenger food is not better. Its pretty much the same thing.

-90% of conversation between crewmembers involves bitching about the job…or your boss. Neither of which I can relate, cause my boss is pretty cool, and I like my job.

-Musicians on board get paid about 4-5 grand a month(depending if their agent is tougher or not and fights for more money. (they fall into the category as Video job ever cause they work like 4 hours a day…if that.)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Trapped On Board

Well I don’t know what I was expecting…as far as security on a cruise ship, But In order to get on, and off the ship(for crewmembers)you need this card called a Laminex card. If you lose it there is a 50/50 chance you get fired. No kidding. ….this detail will matter later I promise.

 Day two…I feel like I’ve done nothing, and a ton. It’s weird. I finally got my Uniform, and my name tag J It was about time cause I was starting to get bummed out. I wasn’t part of the society on board yet. I wanted my uniform, and nametag. People finally know who you are. Oh, and a lovely Surprise for me. The passengers get excited to talk to and see an American crewmember. Lol. “You’re one of the good guys” this guy said to me earlier today. Lol. But of course everyone likes seeing, and talking to their own people. I’ve noticed that on board for crew, and passengers. Don’t get me wrong diversity is great. But people always want to feel as though they belong to something, and identify with others on some type of level.


I finally met my Boss. Well I technically have a lot of bosses.  I am referring to My videographer Boss, the one other person from my department. Lol. We’re part of the photo department, but we don’t help them with their photo deal. Thank god.!! Their job sucks.  Videographers as I have heard from other crew have the best job on the entire ship. Most videographers LOVE their job. I was a little pissed though….I want to work….I’d like to do my job…we’ve ported today on another island, and again tomorrow. I cant do videography off the ship, and do cool tours until I get that damn Laminex card. They are taking forever to make it. I heard that I wont get it till we part in LA. That’s like in 5 days. It won’t matter cause we’re at sea after tomorrow for 4 days. I get to shoot tomorrow night, finally…Its 50’s night for the passengers, so this is going down on board. I start work at 7pm. Probably to work till midnight editing included. I have a free day. Not a bad gig. Lol.


My boss is a pretty cool dude, my age, actually works in the movie industry as well.  We def are on the same wavelength. We get along. That’s always good. I hate to have an awesome job and have a miserable manager. Like when I worked at sears photo. I loved my job, and my manager spread her misery. I wanted to slap her every day. Lol.


I hung out at the crew bar with my new buddy Pepe last night. She works in the gift shop. She’s from Balgaia. She’s funny. Yeah- not very lively last night. A lot of crewmembers are pissy cause there are a lot of sea days on this cruise route. More sea days means more work for a majority of the crew on board. With my job it doens’t matter. Port day-I work….sea day-I work. The only difference is the time I work. But I imagine Port days are way more fun. I brought up the pissy attitude of some crew because it is causing this not so friendly vibe amongst crewmembers. From what ppl tell me working on a cruise ship is always fun, and the crew are super friendly. The general consensus on this one is that people are sticking with whom they work with, and not branching out, and being friends with everyone. There is also this snottiness as well. Based on what job a person has they may feel entitled to treat someone whom they think has a crappier job like crap. Which I obviously think is shit. I fall into a weird category though. I’m not anything fancy…I record stuff, edit and make a dvd. Nothing too high and mighty, but it doesn’t suck either.


So….another free day till 7pm tomorrow.


Oh yeah…sea sickness is not an issue for me. Used to the movement now J It was a trip falling asleep while the ship is rocking. Lol.


I’m still happy to be here.  :-D           


Saturday, December 12, 2009

My cabin

Got a video of my cabin. Yes, its small. lol. It like a freaking maze getting anywhere in or around the cabin area. lol.

More Details on this Cruise deal

So I made it on the Ship!! It was all very exciting. My roommate is clean, which I am VERY grateful for. Lol. 

So here’s the deal you have to pay for Internet by the minute. You get Internet cards. 40 bucks for like 460 minutes. It could be worse. I have introduction training later at 2pm. They are extremely strict about safety. I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. I may have to work tonight. There is some party at 10pm. Everyone is really nice.

There is a thing that kinda bothers me but makes sense. There is a difference in pay according to what country you are from. I guess it makes sense since cost of living in each country is different. But your country also kinda depends on what you do on board. When I figure out the whole system I will give you details. Please feel free to tell me how you feel about it. Cause when I found out I was kinda shocked to be honest.

I have some pictures. Only a few though so far of the ship and of Hawaii ….of the whole 3 hours I spent awake in Honolulu. I’m on the ship, and I can’t leave until I get my card that lets me leave the ship. If you are Not Canadian, or American immigration is harder. I guess we have a difference clearance level. But crew that aren’t of those citizenships have to stay on the ship….even while in port until we port in LA and than they can do the whole immigration thing where they get clearance to be on American soil.

To say the least…American are the minority. Lol. Females as well., and single females even less. So, if you are a single female looking to go on a cruise ship know that you’ll have guys banging on your door. It helps to have your significant other on board with you- If it works out that way for you.

So far, so good.

Oh yeah….another sneaky thing. They give you this account number that you can use to buy whatever you need….or want on board. Than at the end of the month its paid right out of your salary. It’s a way to the company to get more money. Smart on their part.

Hope you like the photos and tiny video(coming soon). J

Here’s my address:


Amber M. Sherman


Photo Department

mv Golden Princess

c/o Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Metro Cruise services LLC

PO Box 8064

San Pedro, CA 90733-8064


It’s long for sure. We port there every two weeks, Its waited but I will get it. J

Post an address if you want me to send you a post card!! I will gladly. Some of you know that you’re already on my list ;-)

Finally made it! Hawaii

I finally landed in Hawaii. It;s like 230am LA time and 530am New york time. I'm a bit tired. I have to wake up mad early as well. boooooo

well I started my travles ok. Got to the Airport discovered the company doesnt cover the cost of 1 claimed bag. yes, it does in fact suck. I blame the airlines for charging for everything they possibly can.

finally got on the plane...then we waited....for what you ask... for other ppl to get on the plane that were running late. Now as I remember it Planes never waited for passengers. It was either you made it or not. At least thats my experience, And I can say I've flown quite a bit. We got in like an hour late. Please feel free to let me know other wise. comment away. I never heard of that before. Maybe Delta is different. IDK.

a decent flight overall....storm over cali made it less than pleasant the first hour.

I met a guy on the plane, he's from cali, but now lives in Hawaii. His name was Erick. He was telling me about what he does. I guess he's a fisherman. Pretty cool dude. So we talked about what i do and all that. I told him about this gig. He asks me if the company paid for the flight and hotel. I said yeah. He goes "oh no." lol. He says "thats the first sign that you know your job sucks" I laughed...but secretly hoping it wasnt at all true. than he continued "they do that so you dont get away." We had a good laugh.

Okay this is it for now...get in up in less than 5 hours. wanted to keep peeps updated while it was fresh in my mind.

I will find out a lot in the morning.

oh yeah btw this hotel is huge and pretty awesome. I am impressed. :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My christmas eve and My short stay in LA

Well It is my last night in LA...for the next 6 months as least. 

I have only been here a little over two months. I always feel like I'm packing, and going to another place. I guess it suits me. I guess if you remain restless it's good for ya. 

I managed to get all I'll need for 6 months in a carry on and one other bag. I'm pretty awesome at packing. 

I miss everyone so much already my location has no factor in this.  There isn't anyone seeing me off which makes this easy. No tears, or any of that. Just nerves, and excitement about what's to come. I kinda feel like this is my Christmas eve. 

I said my goodbyes to everyone that I made a connection with out here. I made some pretty good connections out here in two months. I will continue being an intern for Film Engine. I will keep track of the Vicki Wagner show, and see what's going on with the reality show I worked on. 

At first I thought I was making a big mistake going away from the movie industry for 6 months....yes, I have bigger dreams than working on a cruise ship... But a lot of the people I told where envious. Some I told were extremely happy for me. Some proud of me. Now, that one I really don't get. And then there are some people happy that I got a decent job in this economy.  I felt better about leaving once I heard everyone's reaction. Vicki said I have nothing to worry about. I've heard this more than once: "the industry, and Hollywood will be here when you get back."

I've done a lot research as far as working in Hollywood, directors, producers and the whole nine. It can be unhappy even when you are at the stage of "wow I'm doing what I've always dreamed." Hollywood can make a highly creative, and free mind feel like a prisoner to their own work. It takes a lot to make it. Whatever making it means to each individual. I will continue to do what makes me happy -and what pays the bills. lol. All leading up to my own meaning of "making it". 

Advice to anyone thinking of trying to do anything in the Movie industry, making a major move to LA, or anything like that... Know what you want, and what you want to do. It also helps to know yourself of course. Some people haven't even gotten there yet. When I got here I was pretty much forced to know where I want to be in 5 years, than in 10, if I wanted to have some type of chance here. Oh, and don't forget where you ultimately want to end up. Plans can change, but as long as you just know what you want. 

I haven't gotten very far yet, but if  I didn't learn the above things very quickly, I'd still be lost and wouldn't have gotten any where.  I listened to ALOT of experienced, and smart people here. 

I have a goal, and everything I do I tend to use it toward that goal. I cant just do random things, and hope for the best. I could, but I wouldn't get very far. lol

Falling asleep tonight will be hard. :-/ In the morning I am off to Honolulu, Hawaii to meet up with the ship Saturday morning. 6 hour flight Oy

I want to thank everyone for their best wishes. I will be sending post cards, and letters for sure :-) I will post my ship address once I know it. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Limbo

I guess I hate the waiting. I have stuff to do, but I wish I was more rushed...I don't know.  

I guess I'm procrastinating. Thats not usually my MO. If I get everything all done now, like sorting, packing, laundry, and all the jazz than the wait will get longer. Well it'll feel that way cause than I don't have much to pass the time.  

Yeah I'm gonna cram it all Wednesday and Thursday. 

Tonight I am doing my last show as a Camera Operator on Vicki Wagner show. Check it out here. She'll have episodes on the web soon.  It's a live studio show shot in west Hollywood. There are some pretty good guests that are on the show.

I leave in 3 days!! 

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Job

Some people might be curious on what my job is exactly. I mentioned I was a Videographer. 

How it was described to me by a Current videographer from Princess was as follows:

I will be on a cruse ship for a 6 month contract. Working everyday. sometimes up 13 hours of work. 

Being a Videographer our department's main goal is to produce a DVD of the passengers voyage on and off the ship for their alloted time on their trip. That includes when they go out on port. Any excursions they go on I will be there to record them. When we are at sea any parties, or events on ships I also will record. Once I get footage of whatever I am supposed to get footage of I will than go import, and start editing, and adding to this dvd. 

There is also the whole letting the passengers know who I am, what I do and what exactly I am doing there with them. so its "hey!! buy this awesome dvd I'll make of  all your great times, and have your treasured memories forever on this dvd for this ..." who knows how much price. lol 

This will def help my editing skills. I get to keep any dvd/file I create. It'll help my camera skills too. oh and I get to do fun stuff....  or at least this is what I hope. lol 

Any videographer I have read about of spoke to thats done the job I'm about to do has had no complaints. 

we'll see. 

Getting things in order

well there are some things I need to do to prepare for living on the cruise ship. 

Well first things first.... bills right. I guess. :-/
If you are settled in a place and HAVE to pay rent, utilities, mortgage car payments, insurance...this might not be the best job for you. 

you make a lot.....if you have no bills. While living on the ship you get free room and board. so there goes you rent, and there goes your food bill. You don't have to worry about that. You get free wifi(if you have your own lap top) so there goes your internet bill. Cell phones don't work when you're out on sea, and they wont work out at port if you are on just a free long distance plan. global plans I guess would work when in port...but thats a big if. plus those plans are uber expensive. So there goes another bill. 

I own a car...I make car payments, and have to pay insurance even when its being stored. you have to find a place for your car. I was planning on selling my car, but what will i use those 3 months when I'm living in LA? So, I decided "hey, keep paying on it", no miles are being put on it, my bf will check on it for me to make sure things are good. As for storing it: I got lucky, my roommate doesn't drive, and I got the single parking spot that each apartment gets. She is letting me keep it there for $50 a month. Which is awesome cause some places I'd end up paying more than 2 or 3 hundred a month in California!!! My car insurance plans gets knocked down to a small policy so that goes down as well. 

I have a cell phone, and canceling a plan with a contract is insane now since verizon is trying to keep customers from switching over to ATT for the iPhone. I pay $30 one time fee to suspend my phone 6 months. not bad. ATT charged me $30 a month when I lived in Australia. 

Those things just keep in mind if you ever do something like this. 

Its ideal for people looking to travel and save......that pretty much have a place to stay that they don't have to pay for. like a parents house. My parents wanted me to base myself out of thier house, but I haven't gotten out of Buffalo long enough yet. Luckily I don't have major ties to anything, like a lease or something. Before I moved to LA I sold all my stuff, and packed my car with what I needed, and drove to LA.  So I guess I was lucky... I dont know. 

All my stuff that I'm not taking with me is in my car in that small parking space...and thankfully its a secured space. :-)  

The giant hiring process

I decided to start this blog because I got hired as a videographer on a cruise ship. That not being the only reason, but also to give others interested in working on a ship some insight on the process, and what it really is like. I found one or two things that gave me a "real" look on what life is in fact like on a cruise ship. 

I also wanted to update family and friends while I was away for 6 months.

I applied back in May of 08. I lived in Buffalo, NY and I just finished college. I had a degree in Media Production. So, being a videographer seemed in my grasp. You have to fill out a lengthy application, as well as submit a demo reel. Thankfully I did a lot of projects- student, and non-student to create a demo reel. 

I wanted to get out of Buffalo, I wanted to continue to travel or at least move, and see something different, experience something different. I ended up moving to Los Angeles to get my entertainment career going in the camera department. I got to LA in October 08. 

4 MONTHS go by, I'm in LA and Princess Cruise Line called me to see if i was still interested in working for them, and wanted an interview.  I was surprised for sure. They say..."they" being anything I tried to look up online...they say that if they don't contact you within three weeks forget about it. In my case this wasn't true.

I did a Phone interview. This takes about 30-45 minutes. They give you an outline of your job, wages, contract you have to fulfill. They ask you why you want to do this job, especially since its on a cruise ship.  They ask you what you expectations are, pertaining to what you think working and living on a ship will be like.  If you think it going to be a big party....dont say that. You have to work EVERY SINGLE DAY, not to go over 13 HOURS EACH DAY. That is in the contract. They can't force you to work more than 13 hours in each day. You live in a very small cabin. Your either working, out on port, changing showering, and sleeping is your main action in the much space do you need?

So, thats the phone interview. They than submit your name and the notes they took during your phone interview to the higher ups. They decide if they want to have a face to face. Either in person, or on Skype. I opted for the in person since they have an office in Santa Clarita. 

The face to face interview...I was supposed to meet with two people, but only the head of the Videography department was there. Which was okay with me. This usually lasts about an hour. Here you get the very detailed description of what your job will be. Here is where they tell you if you are hired or not. I was told halfway through the interview than it just became informal conversation. 

You than get emailed a lot of paperwork. You have to fill these forms out quick if you want to be on a ship soon. There is a background check you have to pass. Than they also tell you that you have to pass these medical tests. Its about $200-$400. This is at your own cost. Its upfront before you can even get an appointment. My cost was $304. 

The medical tests check everything. You have to have extensive blood work. They want to check that all levels are normal. You have to have a good BMI too. There is drug testing. HIV testing, Hepatitis testing. You also have to take a chest x-ray. Hearing and vision test as well. 

You than can wait up till 10 business days to get your medical certificate if all is well and normal. 

They send you another slew of paperwork that you have to print off and take with you. Your packing list, flight,hotel info, medical cert, immigration papers if needed. They fly you out to the ship. Whichever one they put you on. You stay at the hotel for a night and the next morning you are on the ship.

 I'm not on the ship yet. I will give you the scoop once I go through all of this. oh, I forgot to mention they pay for your flight and hotel stay as well food while at the hotel. While on the ship you are fully covered health insurance wise as well. 

That the hiring process. It is pretty lengthy.