Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bora Bora-Most beautiful Place in the World?

I had another island drive in Bora Bora. Now, “they” say that Bora Bora if not one of the most, but the most beautiful place in the world.

From the ship Bora Bora looked really nice. I got going to start my tour. It was an open air bus, with very little room. Nothing like my last tour, sadly. Lol.

The guide was better than my last tour thankfully. She was worried about her English. The first stop was this church, the only thing good about it was the mountain that you got to look at. No one was really concerned about the church. Lol. We than headed to our next stop was a demonstration with sarongs basically. They call them something different. I forget. But it was cool, the chick showed us like 5 ways wear it. Than they did this tie-dye demo, and showed us how they got the shapes on the cloth. They had fresh fruit, and coconut! Ever Since I had shaved coconut that Joe gave me, I love fresh coconut! I had like three pieces. ☺

We made our way to the beach. Nice Scenery, a good look at the mountains. Very nice spot. We had to do a quick stop at this look out, I guess the famous pricey resorts were there. They have the huts there. They look like they are small poor huts, but up close they are massive! They’re like million dollar condos. They are really cool looking, and they are right on the water.

We headed to this other beach, which was called Maitra Beach. I’m pretty sure. It was called that after this young girl, called Matilda. I guess the Tahitians couldn’t pronounce the name correctly, so, thats what came to be, Maitra. Gorgeous Beach. Beautiful Water. Nice white sand.

Our last stop was a famous Bar and restaurant called Bloody Mary’s. A ton of famous people have been there, they have all the names displayed outside the place. I pretty much was like… “whats the big deal?” Well you go inside and you have to take off your shoes, and there is no floor. Just sand. I thought it was really cool. It looked awesome.

Across the street was a dock. A nice look at the water, we could see the ship as well. I loved how the water was so clear.

Now, I’ve been a lot of places. So, is Bora Bora the most beautiful place in the world? I haven’t been everywhere in the world, But I have been to many great places. A beautiful place doesn’t have to be a tropical place. I mean Alaska is pretty beautiful. I will say it ranks high in top most beautiful places in the world....That I've encountered.

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