Friday, October 21, 2011

The overnight.

After we Sailed from Moorea at 7pm, we got to Papeete, Tahiti at 9pm.
Every one of the crew members was acting as if it were Christmas day. It was crazy, people cheering in the corridor, yelling and screaming. Than came people dressing up, and getting the pre-game on.

Joe and I had planned to go to the club. It’s rare to get to do anything at night while on ships. I understood the excitement. It was kinda hilarious though. We go to the crew bar- got a couple drinks before we left the ship. I heard about everyone having all these plans to go to the beach and partying and the whole nines. Joe, and I walk off the ship ourselves, than as we keep walking not 200 feet from the ship there are all the people…drinking right on the harbor. Lol. All the plans we heard and they just get drunk right on the pier. I don’t know it was just funny to me. People just get bent out of shape about getting of the ship….than they just plop themselves right next to it. lol

The club was alright…ok I’m lying…there is more to it than that. I loved the fact that me and joe were out having fun. That the atmosphere had changed….right? def wrong. The place changed, but it exactly like being back at the crew bar!! All the people from the ship went to this club. There were less Philippinos excuse, sorry. Lol. But you had the dancers there staring at everyone like they were idiots. You Had the Indians dancing like crazy, and the regular ppl talking away while holding the bar up. The same ol’ people same routine just a different setting. The music was good though-one thing I did enjoy. Yeah a couple of passengers I had on tour in Lahaina were there. They recognized me before I did them. I thought that was weird. They are way younger than all other passengers so it makes sense they were in a club.

Special Note: Its my Nephew's Birthday!!! He's turning 3 :-) Happy Birthday Dylan!

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