Friday, October 21, 2011

The first of many island drives.

I had a tour the next morning in Papeete. An island tour. The guide was … very soft spoken, to say the least. He would start a story about whatever we happen to be looking at than just kinda cut himself off, and said “well you know a lotta history behind it.” Which is kinda frustrating for me since I use the commentary that they provide for my edits. I really had to use his audio creatively.

The tour wasn’t bad. The bus…I was most impressed with. I had so much room! I actually got to stand my camera up. Normally the busses are so crammed. The camera is a pain to stay in place, and I have to have a hand on it at all times. This time it was able to be placed right up with room.

We went to this place called Venus point, a park that the locals go to. They had a lighthouse there. The park was right near the water. There were kids playing soccer, or something. Lol. Lots of people there.

We headed to a beach, with a blowhole nothing really I was excited about, but the beach was really nice. I went near the blowhole, and it was different. The water went vertically, instead of up in the air like the blowhole in Kaui’i. On the rocks there were these things, they looked like fish, but insects. I thought they were cool. I wish I knew what they were though.

He than went to see a waterfall. It was a small hike. I wasn’t really expecting. I thought to myself “it better be a damn good waterfall. It better be massive.” I take a few steps further, and it was massive! Lol I was happy to see something good to film. Usually I see waterfalls that kinda look the same. I liked it because it was soooo high.

Than we stopped at one last place where the tomb of the last king of Tahiti was located. It was in just a normal park like where families hang out on weekends. There were kids there too, a few nice one that pretty much posed for me. I put a few shots of the locals in my edit.

The over all feel of Tahiti, I wasn’t impressed with really. They have this snobby thing going on especially if you don’t speak French. Oh and one more thing to add, EXPENSIVE! I tried to buy two post cards, and two magnets, she told me $19! Yeah right. Amber walked right out. Lol. I spent no more time in the city I went on the ship and was looking forward to the next port.

Special Note! Its my Sister's Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Jen!!! :-)

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