Sunday, October 30, 2011

Akaroa, Walking Tour

Originally the ship was due to stop in Christchurch. Unfortunately the town was hit by the earthquake we all heard about, and the town seen some damage. Instead the ship stops in Akaroa. Its about 100km away from Christchrch. You can take tours into the city, but Akaroa proved to be pretty impressive.

We tender into the port, it’s a pretty long tender ride. It’s about 15 minutes away from the dock. I ended up with a walking tour. I was put on that because when I was picking out my tours, Akaroa’s booking form wasn’t included yet. I don’t generally care for walking tours. I can’t seem to get that interested in them. It’s always historical, I don’t mind that, but its usually always about the architecture. I’m not that into architecture, but I have seen some cool houses, into them or not.

Akaroa is really pretty though. My first stop was Auckland, I got to see the cities that New Zealand Has to offer, but to see the hills of Akaroa was really something. I loved seeing the greenery. Everything outside was very pleasant to the eye. It’s kinda the place where you feel like doing a watercolor painting. Or sitting down on the dock and drawing. Bar Harbor, Maine made me feel similar feelings.

The tour started out … well late. Lol. I hate when they’re late it means less time for me on my off time. Walking tours usually mean that I will be trailing behind because I stop and get all these shots after the person does a lil talking. But in the end I always lose their face while there. So, the lav mic is vital. Well, No dice. She had an old country dress. Usually there are these straps that wrap around where I can hook the mic. Her dress didn’t have it! I had no place to put the mic, I’m not gonna make the chick hold it. lol.

I wasn’t too worried about the audio. Not the end of the world. She talked crazy. Lol. The town was settled by the French, than the English were like …”um yeah were taking this shit yo.” Lol. It was also a big whaler town. She talked about the big iron pots they have in town. Those were the pots that the whale oil was heated in, and distributed out of to the town.

After that portion of the tour I lost interest because we go to the house portion of the tour. That’s pretty much the rest of it. lol.

Thankfully the tour was only two hours. I had time to roam about the small town. The place made me want to get a good coffee. Lol.

The town has a lot of flowers everywhere. It looks really nice. I did find this cool house though, come to find out it’s the oldest house in Akaroa. Walking along the beach is right there. You can see all the people, and kids just enjoying the beach. It’s still cold for the beach though…at least I think so. Lol.

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