Thursday, October 20, 2011

My French Polynesia adventure?

The first stop in French Polynesia was the island of Moorea. I was due to take a Sail and Snorkel tour by catamaran.

I was excited at the snorkel part because I haven’t done it since the one time in Alaska.

I had to do this one for the web shorex project…that’s never going to end. Lol.

The guy that ran the tour was French … of course. He barely talked. The other guide didn’t either. Lol. When he did his accent was too thick to really understand him. I haven’t really been exposed to much to the thick French accent. I found myself really concentrating to try and get what he’s saying. It was like my first time in Australia. Lol.

First I have to say Moorea is beautiful. I enjoyed the scenery. The mountains were something I haven’t seen before. There was one that sticks out for sure. It stood on its own really. I liked how it looked so isolated. I enjoyed what was around me.

Now, I loved what I saw, what I felt was another story. The seas were a tad bit too rocky for me. Oi. Sea sickness like a champ. The guy said we were just gonna go down the coast. It was a down and back kinda thing. In the back of my mind I was like I can not do this trip twice! We got into this bay, and thankfully it got calmer. I got my bearings back. Saw a humpback whale too. It was nice. We made our way back the same way we came. Still rough. Blah!

We finally stopped to snorkel. It felt weird to get in the water. I don’t know why though. I had my underwater came, I brought the GoPro for some stills too. It was nice to snorkel though. We had to go pretty far from the catamaran to get to the reef. I liked it though. Really clear water. Lots of coral, and fish! ☺ I liked the tiny bright blue fish.

I don’t remember how long I was out, but we only had an hour. I got back once I saw the crowd go back in. Once on board started talking to Passengers, and got a drink. I love the juices they give you on tours. Some type of liquor was involved as well. Amber was a happy camper at the end of it all.

I got a cool magnet, the people were nice, and I had fun, with decent passengers. It was a good first day in Moorea.

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